12 Weeks to Lean – Why You NEED This Program!

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I’m really excited to kick off today’s blog post with an official announcement and introduction to my eBook! It’s always been a passion of mine to help and to serve others by sharing my knowledge of nutrition and training, and what REALLY gets results.


There is so much fluff out there, so much misinformation and disinformation, and quite honestly, it frustrates me as a fitness professional. When I see people following fads, and ill-gotten advice for the sake of just wanting to see SOMETHING work, SOMETHING change in their physiques, it boils my blood.


As fitness professionals it is OUR duty and responsibility to educate the public. And with the amount of research available and accessible to EVERYONE, there’s really no excuse for perpetuating myths and half truths. So what do you do when you are sick and tired of the bullshix, why you provide a tool for the masses to use that falls in like with your beliefs and integrity… 


Enter my eBook 12 Weeks to Lean!



What is 12 Weeks to Lean?



12 Weeks to Lean Cover Sample 5In a nutshell…


12 Weeks to Lean is not only a training system, but a way of life.


It takes the body about 4 to 6 weeks on a plan to initially see results, the most dramatic results can be seen between 12 to 16 weeks if consistency and dedication go into your plan.


So that’s the reason for choosing 12 weeks to help you focus on your goals for fat loss – and do so in a realistic time frame. The other thing about 12 Weeks to Lean that I am so excited about is that it’s not only an eBook that is going to tell you exactly how to train each day during the 12 week program, but I am TEACHING you the science behind fat loss, why things work the way they do, what to do to move off of plateaus, what’s going on in your body through this process (and what YOU can do to ensure your success), exactly how to set up your personal macros and calories based on body type, age, gender, lifestyle and specific goals.


The first half we go over some basic physiology when it comes to fat loss, and how you can use science to drive home results. And the reason that it’s so crucial is because taking this kind of approach is more in line with doing the proper things to not only see positive physical changes, but to also maintain those changes in the long term.


I breakdown nutrition and explain how various macro set ups really impact fat loss. Each of us is so different, so why are you still following a cookie cutter approach. When you finish reading this book you are going to know EXACTLY how to set up a meal plan that is specific to your body type and needs. And with my sample flexible dieting meal plans, you’ll have all of your bases covered on how you need to eat for the best long term results.


Training Programs That Will Challenge You Head to Toe

Of course we can’t have a fool proof training system without some kick azz workouts right!? Well, I’ve been busy creating workouts that are not only going to challenge you in the gym, but they are going to keep you motivated and inspired as you continue to reach heights you never dreamed you could in the gym.


To me, training should be progressive, so each cycle (there are 3, 4 week cycles) is about raising the bar and bringing your absolute BEST to your workouts. Now for some of the strength stuff, you will need access to the gym, or at least some equipment at home. However, I will be releasing a bonus supplement handbook that will include some workouts for those who train at home and need some alternatives to play with than those in the actual eBook. No matter what your set up, I’ve got you covered!


Motivation, Inspiration, and Keeping You Focused on Your Goal

The final section of 12 Weeks to Lean is all about the other stuff that has a much of an impact on fat loss and your progress that nobody seems to talk about. You can have all the intentions in the world to do your best and to see your goals become your reality, but if that “success mindset” isn’t there, you’ll be doomed to stay the same.


So in 12 Weeks to Lean, I tackle with you head on the mindset of a champion and how you can tap into that, every single day, and start seeing REAL results. I will teach you how to come off of your diet as you swing into maintenance after reaching your goals, how to deload when you need a break – we all do, why not TALK ABOUT IT.


To see your goals become your reality, you need to think beyond just the program you’re following to really dig deep as to your personal WHY’S behind your intention. We will discuss what this means in great detail, and give you the tool to be able to tap that – every single day – as you reach your goals, and hopefully, this time for good! In addition, I am going to be giving you some video bonuses that will go into greater depth into the importance of goal setting, all the tools you need to help you stay focused and motivated while on your plan.


To top it off, you’ll be able to join me in my exclusive #BecklesBuilt Training Systems private Facebook group where you can touch base with me and a community of other RoxStars who are changing their lives everyday through our work in this eBook. Community support is key for some, and if that’s what you know you need to succeed in this game – I want to provide that platform to help! I am truly excited to see this plan come to fruition, and for it to start changing lives in the way I know it will.  


Click HERE to download the 12 Weeks to Lean Jumpstart Program and Training System Info Packet!


In this 32  page eBook, I’m sharing with you a FULL CHAPTER from 12 Weeks to Lean “Training Principles for Fat Loss” where I tell you exactly what you can do RIGHT NOW to kick up the results you see in the gym.


You also get 3 kick butt, heart pounding, calorie burning total body strength workouts – fully designed to help you step up your gym game. And finally, I’ll take you through a quick briefer and rundown how 12 Weeks to Lean works, what you can expect from the program, and exactly how it might be one of the single most important fitness programs you will invest in this year.   12 Weeks To Lean  

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