13 Weeks Out Contest Prep Is Like Watching Paint Dry…

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I’m telling ya, as I write this, I’m thinking to myself, gosh I sound like one of my clients! In essence I am my own client right now, but emailing myself and having “appointment calls” with myself would qualify me as super weird… LOL, so I’ll keep the personal conversation here in my journal lol.


Been on this plan now for 4 weeks. Things are starting to move along. I can see the changes my body is making on a daily basis. More lines coming in, leanness that wasn’t there before starting to really show up. The only mind phuckery that’s going on is with the scale. For the most part – it hasn’t moved very much. I started off my prep around 171, dropped down a bit and I now flux between 168 and 167-ish. And you know what’s weird, I can only get a good reading about an hour after waking up.


I always drop a full pound after getting out of bed, moving around, etc… Sometimes a little more. I’ve never been able to get a reason why. I mean even after doing bathroom biz (TMI – but hey we’re human, don’t act like you don’t too, lol), I only drop about maybe .2 to .4, and I’ll STILL drop another pound after that an hour later.


One of the many reasons to not rely on the damn thing. So I watch the mirror, watch my pics, and I’d say watch my measurements… But I haven’t taken any yet. I know, I know, this is UNACCEPTABLE. So today shall be the first official day I record them, particularly now going into 13 weeks out, and that it is officially GO time.


13 Weeks Out Contest Prep

What I did do yesterday though was have my body fat tested! I’m sitting right now at 16.3%, my “mass” was at 172.5 according to the machine (it’s counting muscle, bone, fat, from the numbers it gets from the DEXA machine – includes anything you’ve eaten and I did this around 11:30 am).


So that’s 28.2 pounds of fat, 137.8 of lean tissue, and 6.6 on my bone mineral content (which actually has increased over the last year!). Not too shabby!


13 Weeks Out Contest Prep


The goal essentially is to see if I can get to about 14 to 15% by the end of this month, and by end of October, I’d like to see what I look like sitting between 11 to 12%. 2 weeks after the Greater Gulf States (where I placed 6th), I was at 13.8% at 171.7. This after just freely eating post show – so I have no idea how much lower I was by showtime.


This time around I definitely want to track this, so I plan to do so every 2 to 4 weeks. Overall though, you can look in the mirror and SEE clearly what’s going on. So I don’t REALLY need a dexa scan to know if I am on track. For the most part, I’ve never used body fat percentage as a means of tracking for any prep – so just doing this out of curiosity.



13 Weeks Out Contest Prep: Stepping Up The Cardio Game

Now is about the time where I’m taking things up a notch. If you checked out my most recent training schedule, you’ll see the new workouts that I have going on and the fact that I jumped my cardio up quite a bit. I’ve got all my cardio sitting up by 35 mins per session.


The idea is to push things so my body starts to come in early. The conditioning that’s being seen on the stage right now is NOT easily attainable, and will NOT be had from trying to keep cardio too low. At the same time, I’m not getting carried away. I was able to lean down quite a bit with less cardio, but for the next 4 weeks, time to push.


Now, knowing the way that I program, this will probably not go longer in duration than this for the next 4 weeks. I just updated all of the workouts, and I like to do programs for a cycle of 4 weeks, so I have time to truly dig in and challenge my body, and allow it adapt to the stimulus I’m giving it.


The intensity will increase with each workout, and the challenge to keep the body progressing and beating my numbers is always the name of the game. Most recently, I started to add running to the equation again. There’s this hill not too far from me that is a 400 ft elevation climb. Duuude…


That’s 40 STORIES HIGH! And I do that mofo twice for right now… Run down and go back up. Soon I’ll add a 3rd when it starts getting easier. But I really look forward to it, it’s good stuff AND my legs are sore today (well after I did that I hit up a leg workout lol).


Check out this video:  



Nooooo Joke! Seriously, I want to hit this hill up about 3 times a week right now, and the other two days of cardio I’ll likely do in the gym to be able to hit up my HIIT cardio with sprints specifically.



13 Weeks Out Contest Prep: Current Photos

So here’s a quick comparison of things over the last 4 weeks. I did a bit of a reverse diet over the first few weeks of this prep to bring calories high enough to fill out my frame and just add a tiny bit of size. Definitely mission accomplished. I was a little smaller in the first photo, and I didn’t want to START the ball rolling there, as I will only get smaller as the weeks ticked by.


Now between that photo and this week’s photo, I can see my arms have filled out more, back is looking a little wider. The legs are still full (BIG thing for me), and it looks like the conditioning has improved a tad between the middle and my most recent photo (those two are only about a little over a week apart so nothing major).   (Click for larger view)


4 Weeks Progress


Overall, I think I’m in a good place. Now the idea is to simply KEEP GOING! So this week is all about raising the bar, pushing further, and seeing where things go for this cycle.


I am LOCKED IN and focused, and feel nothing can stop me from this point – except me… And I’ve already decided to get out of my own way.



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