14 Weeks Out – Dropping In, Focused, and Evolving

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Wow, two good full weeks on my plan and things are really feeling like they’re moving along. I’m down about 2 pounds, but visually my line are coming in, and I’m leaner at this point at 14 weeks out than I ever have been before. Something very interesting is happening with me…


It’s like I’m getting to the point where I can look back and say that my best wasn’t truly my best. Like I want MORE, I KNOW I can give MORE too. I look back at my pics and now, through these present eyes, it’s like I say “girl you weren’t even ‘ready’ then”. By that I mean, I can see that I wasn’t where I needed to be in order to bring the level of conditioning and leanness needed for the stage and the look that is currently being rewarded.


And because I can now SEE it clearly, I can also see in my mind’s eye what I want to do to improve, and to bring the best look I ever have to the stage by November. It seems so far away, but so close at the same time. My only focus is dropping in and really working my plan and putting a higher level of expectation on this game for myself. I am treating myself like my own client. Logging and tracking my compliance… Trying to hit that 90%. In their profiles, my clients have the ability to track compliance.


So I’ve created a profile of my  own to make sure that I stay at 95% to 100% for this week.  


Screenshot (378)


Screenshot (379)


So that 100%, is where I’ll see the outcome of my compliance. If I skip a meal, I have to mark it skipped and that 100% comes down. If I have a cheat – which I rarely do, that compliance comes down. My biggest problem would be missing meals, and the goal for this week is to be prepared to not allow that to happen.  



Intermittent Fasting In My Mix


One new element to my game plan is the addition of intermittent fasting to my overall approach with my eating. I’m going to throw some yohimbine in the mix in another two weeks to aid with fat loss. I’ll write a blog post on yohimbine, but basically it’s FANTASTIC when it comes to actual fat loss in the stubborn areas. Now, you have to already be fairly lean for it to work, and I always like to add it into the latter half of my prep.


This time I’m starting it a little earlier. Yohimbine must be used in a fasted state because insulin blunts it. So it’s easier to simply take advantage of some fasting, and how it can affect insulin in a way to keep it low. When insulin is lower, the body has a better ability to push fat loss.


So intermittent fasting becomes twofold for me. I am only doing it for 12 hours, and really it’s overnight simply because it makes it easier. So I’ll stop eating around 9 or 10pm, and don’t break my fast until 9 or 10am the next day. I feel pretty good, and no issues with this, as I’ve done it before in the past with good results.  



Training Adjustments


Training has been coming along. I’m starting to kick things up a notch when it comes to my cardio. The MAIN objective for me right now is to really make sure that my body is coming in EARLY. Like I literally want to look like what I typically look like at 2 weeks out at previous shows by 8 weeks out this show. This is 2 weeks out from the Greater Gulf States where I placed 6th.

2 Weeks Out GGS 1

That show was a huge disappointment for me, because I really wanted to get that top 3, hell I really wanted to go out and get a win. But it’s never in your hands, and if other competitors show up better than you, it’s not in your cards either. But with each defeat of sorts, I learn to grow from it. To see where I can do better, be better, and rise higher than before. Look, I am thankful for being able to call myself a competitor who can be at the top. But to me, good is never good enough. I want to be among THE BEST.


In order to do that, I have to be willing to go to lengths I never have. To raise the bar like never before. YOU CANNOT BE AFRAID TO CLAIM YOUR GREATNESS. Others will put you down for it, discourage it, call it arrogance. But it’s not. Why should any of us be ashamed for wanting to say that we want to be on top. That we want to rise. That we deserve to rise up? Why is it ok to put yourself down, to not aim for the sky, to not claim what your heart desires all in the face of humility?


Sometimes you really have to speak things into existence. You have to be willing to see “it” before you see it, or you never will. YOU have to believe. Or you shall never triumph. And if you cannot believe in you, then who would, or should…


The fire in me is so hot and bright right now. I wake up with all of this on my mind. I go to bed with it on my mind. Every moment is about getting back in that gym to drive. And then hitting every meal to drive further. To get THERE. To that place in my mind’s eye, and I cannot do anything but have laser focus, and the belief that I can do absolutely anything I set my mind to… Then surpass it.  



Additional Thoughts…


This week my goal is to simply give more… There was a point earlier this year, and part of last year where I felt disconnected from my work in the gym. When I made the decision to take a break after my last show this year, my goal has been to find my fire again. To live in each moment in the gym – which does bring me great joy.


I think that as competitors, it’s so easy to get lost in the chase. The chase of the trophy, the chase for physical perfection, the chase for the stage. At some point we have to keep in mind that all of “this” is not going to be there forever. And then it becomes a game of “what are you REALLY training for?”.


It HAS TO mean more… Be more. Be about raising to a higher level mentally and physically. It has to be about training because you love it, and when you’re not – a piece of you is gone. It’s THAT fire that I am finding again. And with that in mind, my week – and the rest of this month, shall be dedicated to finding that from within…  



Current Stats


8/1/15 168.4 Pounds Will start taking measurements this week.


Current Macros – Starting Carb Cycling This Week:

Plan 2 (Low Carb Days) – 1918 Calories, P 160g, C 123g, F 94g

Plan 1 (High Carb Days) – 1941 Calories, P 154g, C 220g, F46g

Full Meal Plan and details are posted here (member exclusive article).







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