16 Weeks Contest Prep Program 1

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, it’s time to ROCK AND ROLL!

This prep is a tweaked version of one of my one of own contest prep programs. We will start off with this, and if we need to tweak it, by way of adding on extra cardio or something like that, we will do so.

Every 2 weeks, I will progress the workouts for you, and really keep the challenge going.

You can refer back to this page to see all your programs, but I will also send you email reminders when it’s time to go on to the next cycle.


A few things about this program… The volume and intensity will increase with each cycle. Cycles are 2 weeks long. So every two weeks with the plan, you will be getting a new program update. What I want you to do is follow the plan, PUSH YOURSELF, keep the weights heavy and challenging.

  • Keep in mind that what BUILDS muscle KEEPS IT in the face of fat loss.
  • So you need to keep lifting hard and heavy during this program. Even for high rep sets.
  • KEEP A NOTEBOOK! Or even better download the program JEFit from your device app store to do so electronically. This is the same program I use for ALL of my own program checking.

I hope you are really starting to settle into the workouts and schedule.

We’ve been sort of moving slowly with getting into the swing of things, but I hope you’re finally FEELING like you’re now in prep mode.

Your mind focused on the road ahead, and bringing the leanest package you can to the stage.

So this is what we’re going to do… I actually want to progress a few of the workouts from last cycle’s schedule. The intensity of the work will go up this week, cardio is going to be kicked up a notch, and a more traditional split is going to emerge. I will tell you this…

This week is really awesome. Like, I remember being literally SO SORE from the work! My favorite program this week…

Saturday’s leg workout. Get this…


I want you to keep pushing in the gym. Always ask yourself, “Can I give MORE?”. Leave no stone unturned because at the end of this 16 weeks of fat loss, I want us to be the absolute BEST EVER. But the only way that will happen is by putting in the work now…

This week I plan to kick things up in a different way – I’m adding some MetCon Circuits to the mix with your cardio. Now, at this point, you can perform your cardio separate from your weights.

The goal is to be able to put FULL FOCUS on cardio, and then FULL FOCUS on weights. Doing separate workouts allows for that very easily. So the MetCon is a mix of some supersets and a giant set, more “pump” high rep type of work. The goal is to really just MOVE that weight through space.

To push your limits and focus on keeping that heart rate up post cardio. Now, our strength training workouts for this week will stay the same. I want to repeat these same workouts for two full weeks before progressing. I am VERY BIG on progressive training, and to me, every workout must build upon the other.

We must work strategically and purposefully. So to switch things up too often isn’t that great when it comes to long term progress and physical growth. What you WILL do this week is focus on beating your numbers!

The goal for this cycle is to crush last cycle’s personal records (PRs). Raise the bar in the gym. DO NOT settle for being the same and doing the same week after week. STRIVE FOR MORE, fight for it. That is the ONLY way you will surpass yourself each and every time.

So this week your job is to see where you can lift MORE, where you can do maybe an extra rep or two, where you can maybe throw in an extra set! Where you can go faster in your cardio… Where you can BEAT WHAT YOU THOUGHT WAS YOUR BEST! #BOOM!

So the game plan for this cycle is to kick the workouts up a notch – as well as kick up cardio! Cardio wise, we will perform cardio about 6 times a week now. There’s an active rest on Day 3, and we will continue to do that WITH our cardio as listed below. Without further ado – let’s kick off weeks 4 and 5 in our program!

Wow, time is surely flying by! We’re now sitting at the advent of the halfway mark of our plan, which means we are almost the finish line!

For this cycle, I am revamping the workouts, I’m ready to get you on with some new challenges – so I know you’ve gotta be too!

For our training split, I’m adjusting things to hit up the legs twice a week, and back only once. I used to train legs two to three times a week when I shifted to some specialized programming to bring those areas up. I’m going to go back to that kind of set up for the next few weeks to mix things up a bit for you! This will be great for bringing out the splits in the legs, and refine things quite a bit!

With just about 5 to 6 weeks to go, there’s still much left to do. Our biggest focus is simply conditioning. But on top of that, holding size. The fun part is going to be continuing to push fat loss, and realizing at this point, your weight may not drop a huge bit in numbers, and for that reason, watching the mirror and pics will be the most important.

Our goal right now is keep up the intensity, and just really pushing as much as I can in the gym.  Now, keep in mind that your nutrition must support this training volume and intensity. And you’re going to feel very hungry at this point. Stay focused and keep going. We are ALMOST there!

So here we go!

The big calm before the storm – and the big wind down to our program.

Now as you know, with every prep comes a peak at the culmination.

The following program set up is how your peak week should be set up. Now what I want you to think about is that for the final 2 weeks, you are training about 10 days straight without a break. It is important to run the peak week at 2 weeks out so you can see how your body responds to the program.

Generally, your final workout is the Wed before the show.

 I ALWAYS run a mock peak with EVERY client. This allows us to know EXACTLY what the body will do by the final week. So stay focused and do not deviate off of our program.