[Video] 16 Weeks Out – Getting My Mind In Gear

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So I figure we can start off this post with just a brief intro and easy lead into where I’m at mentally at this stage of the game.


It’s a weird place to be in…


16 weeks out until your next show and well ahead of the game. I think that the beginning part of a diet is the hardest part for most people to get used to. It’s like you have to make this huge mental shift in order for any of this to work. I find myself, out of the blue, craving things that I don’t even eat on a daily basis. Things like cupcakes, or ice cream, things that don’t eat when I’m not even on a diet. It’s so crazy, like all these random thoughts coming into your head that try to sabotage you before you even begin.


But it takes a mental prowess to overcome these things, and understand that they too will pass. So here I stand at 16 weeks out, just focused, trying to stay on the straight and narrow, and everyday visualizing the end result that I want. I know that this goal will become my reality, and it is a fight that I am willing to go down with to the death. For the most part, I can say that I am pretty much on plan. I would say that I am at about 90% compliant. Ok, let me be honest, probably closer to 75 or 80%. But for me, I tend to skip meals because I get busy, and I hadn’t fully committed to prepping my meals ahead of time.


But starting today, that all has to change. I’m going to go ahead and meal prep, and commit to doing my prepping on Sundays. I always need to do a little more midweek, so if that’s the case then whatever extras I need, I’ll do on Wednesdays.  


For my diet, my macros are as follows:


Plan 1 (Training Days): 2213 Calories 174g Protein, 267g Carbs, 47g Fat


Plan 2 (Off Days or Cardio Only Days): 2034 Calories, 172g Pro, 186g Carbs, 64g Fat


** My complete meal plan is posted in my Inner Circle.**  


Training wise, things are going well. You know one thing about me, I like to do double workouts. If I have to do cardio, I like it in a separate workout than my weights. And usually that time is in the morning, while hitting weights in the PM. I have almost this mental block where I can’t do cardio in the PM, UNLESS it’s weeks from a show in the final stretch. So I’ve decided to just move my cardio to the morning, and leave the evening to focus on throwing some weight around.


All and all, I feel really EXCELLENT. I’m trying to just get my bearings and lock in mentally to what I have to do. By 12 weeks out, I know I’ll be super focused, so it’s simply a matter of staying par for the course, and letting my body do what it do. I’ll be posting up my diet in my Inner Circle, so if you’re interested in seeing how I’m eating for  this prep, you’ll have the full details on all of that. My workouts and training schedule will be released every Sunday! So definitely follow along and let’s do this together!


Got questions… Post them below in the comments!