3/30/15: Monday Motivation and Weekly Challenge (Video) – “Perseverance In Your Goals and Process”

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I’m happy to kick off our first Monday Motivation and Weekly Challenge video! Each week, I’m going to help you jump start yours by giving you some great advice and words of encouragement to keep you focused and motivated on the road ahead. Our weekly challenge will consist of easy to follow and execute mini goals that will keep you pushing towards new levels in the gym, and add an extra layer of challenges that are removed from the simple physical goal you may have in mind.

Today’s message is all about perseverance and how that single action can set you on the path towards success. We all fall off the wagon at times, and I’ll discuss how having this one quality can ensure that you never quit.

Our Weekly Challenge today focuses on a fun and challenging way that we’re going to take one lift that you currently find difficult to perform, and increase strength within ONE WEEK!


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