4 Day Split Strength Training Program 2

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You only have 4 days in the gym, and that’s totally fine! So our main focus with this particular program is to really put your all into the time you do have. Here’s the thing, you need to really HUSTLE these workouts. They are jam-packed and really focused on getting you to the next level. Keep the rest periods SHORT, and make the most out of every lift.

The days of the week you hit the workouts and your cardio is on your personal schedule in the client portal. Please see that in order to know how to make this fit with your set up and needs.

As always, I want you to keep raising the bar in the gym, and keep setting new limits. I want you to do the following when it comes to training intensity:


Week 1 – set the baseline for the program as far as amount of weight.

Week 2 – repeat the amount of weight from week 1

Week 3 – increase weight by about 10% on all lifts where you can do so safely.

Week 4 – increase weight by another 10% from last week.


Stay on this plan with these workouts for 4 weeks, and after that, I’ll send you a new training program to follow.

If you wish to just switch out workouts, then use the workout finder to find one that matches the body parts you should be training that day.


Note about training days:

The Days of the Week (Day 1 etc) corresponds to what’s written on your personal schedule! Please login to your personal portal account at http://client.roxstarfitness.com to view your personal schedule order and days.

Cycle 1 is focused on building our foundation, and the base for which the rest of the program will be built. Follow the instructions on the program, and always remember – keep it lit like fire in the gym.

I THINK… No, I KNOW that you are going to LOVE cycle 2. This cycle, my main goal is to push your limits quite a bit in the gym. And we are going to do that with VOLUME – and more VOLUME. I’ve made some notes on the training program and workouts that I want you to pay attention to. Overall though, work hard, train smart, work that diet, and ROCK.IT.OUT.

Cycle 3 is going to continue to build upon our focus for the first two cycles.

Click below to download the program. The training schedule and workouts for this one are right there in the PDF file. Please check out your personal schedule for your assigned cardio for this cycle.