Monday Motivation: (Podcast) Cardio Training Tips For Fat Loss Lean Building And Maintenance Goals

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I’ve got a real treat for you guys today! Now, as you know, each month I hold a group coaching call with members of our Inner Circle. Part of our call includes a topic of discussion that is geared towards lending you advice, and giving you the tools you need to be successful on this journey, regardless of your goals.


This month we had taken a closer look at cardio training and how to properly go about setting that up for whatever your fitness goals are, whether you’re focused on fat loss, building some lean mass and strength, or simply maintaining your weight. I think the topic of how to best structure cardio is one of the biggest ones I get from members, clients, and our social media followers alike. So listen in on this session and set the record straight on what you can do to better your cardio efforts in the gym – RIGHT NOW!  



This is a long one, so you can easily download the podcast itself as an MP3 file directly from our Soundcloud account. You can also listen via video as well on your dashboard video player! No matter what, you don’t want to miss this! Be sure to keep an eye out for our next group coaching call event, and sign up so you can have a chance to speak with me directly!




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