A Healthy “You” Is Normal! Continue Traveling Your Personal Lifetime Journey!

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The idea of change is probably one of the most uncomfortable ideas for human beings to face other than their fears which technically change could be and is considered a fear. The other thing is the fear of being different from others.


A person who once was behaving a certain way is now doing things another way which in turn makes the people surrounding them uncomfortable, sometimes uncomfortable enough to make remarks or start treating you differently and not even realize it.


Either way it may tend to make you question your own goals and how you move forward, it even makes you relapse into your old ways and take a few steps backwards. It is part of the journey to have obstacles but to make decisions to decide that you will settle for less than what you have worked hard for is unacceptable.


All over the place is weight loss transformations and people who overcame their struggles to either get more active, run faster, lift a lot more, do marathons etc… but what about the situations that occur during daily life where people feel it necessary to pick away at you?


The comments of “You probably cant eat it” or ” You can out run the rest of us, why even try?”


It is uneasiness of other people around you that either have their own troubles and/or they are jealousy (a form of admiration some may say). The bottom line is despite all opinions that people may have to include your own friends and family what you are doing is normal! Everyday there are encounters in various situations which in majority cause stress but the least stress you should have is within your continue lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise.


There will always be dinners, take out, all you can eat buffets, parties, going to the club but there is only one you and your life is only yours and yours alone. It only seems different because others may make it seem different due to little knowledge or sometimes just the way their personalities are. This may cause some stress and have your mind with negative thoughts including what ifs and maybes but this is the part of the journey that makes you stronger!


I have seen so many different things via social media or the news shaming on different body types but on the other hand discussing how diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and more are higher in the United States then anywhere else.


It all starts with reasons for making the changes which aren’t just for health but to feel good about ourselves. Unfortunately not all folks will agree and in turn may cause you to reevaluate who you surround yourself with which sometimes is a necessary evil but it doesn’t mean you cant surround yourself with like minded people.


It is not to say those people are bad but its either continue to feel bad for the decision you make or remove yourself from those type of folks and introduce a new group of folks who will help to reestablish your goals in your day to day life.


The purpose behind this post was for reevaluation and reminders of things that may be occurring in your life at this point. A lot of changes in yourself and the others around you that can affect your path in a positive or negative way. We can control the people we keep in our circle so take the time to reevaluate and know that your journey is yours alone and being healthy is very much NORMAL!




3 replies on “A Healthy “You” Is Normal! Continue Traveling Your Personal Lifetime Journey!

  • Angela

    Good article I was experiencing this when I really started leaning out. It can be very uncomfortable so I had to shrink my circle of friends.

  • Roxie Beckles

    Yeah it’s difficult when you don’t have the full support of those around you. But always hold close the ones that you do, and keep those eyes focused on the straight and narrow.

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