• Ready, Set, Spring into Fitness Success: Turbocharge Your Journey with This Game-Changing Strategy for Renewal

    Get ready to supercharge your fitness journey like never before! This month, we’re diving headfirst into a revolutionary strategy for renewal that will renew, refresh, and recharge your approach to fitness. Picture this: you, embracing the season of spring with renewed energy and a renewed sense of purpose, all thanks to this game-changing strategy.

    Are you ready to experience the ultimate fitness boost? Say goodbye to stagnant routines and hello to a whole new level of success. With this strategy, you’ll be equipped to tackle obstacles, overcome challenges, and achieve your goals like never before. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your fitness journey and spring into action!

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  • Roxstars RISE Into 2024: The Game Plan

    Welcome to a phenomenal year of fitness! I’m thrilled to present an exclusive coaching podcast designed to ignite your spirit and pave the way for an incredible journey ahead. This session is mandatory for all clients, serving as a roadmap to conquer your goals.

    Please take a moment to listen to the podcast and complete the form on the page to signify you’ve absorbed the inspiration. Your commitment is vital to making 2024 a year of triumphs. Here’s to your strength and the collective spirit of Roxstar Fitness. Let’s embark on this journey together and make this year truly exceptional!

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  • Power Pulse: Full Body Fury

    Get ready to embark on the exhilarating fitness journey of a lifetime with “Power Pulse: Full Body Fury”! This four-day program is not just a workout; it’s a thrill ride of strength, determination, and transformation. Each session is a powerhouse of intensity, sculpting your body from head to toe and pushing you to crush limits you never thought possible. The fiery energy infused into every workout creates an atmosphere of unstoppable determination.

    But that’s not all—brace yourself for heart-pounding cardio bursts that will set your passion for fitness ablaze. “Power Pulse” isn’t just a program; it’s a commitment to unleashing your best self. Expect to emerge stronger, more resilient, and with a newfound confidence in your abilities. Join the excitement, embrace the challenge, and let the transformation unfold. Are you ready to experience the thrill of “Power Pulse: Full Body Fury” and discover the incredible benefits awaiting you?

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  • Metabolic Conditioning Circuit – Full Body Ladder Workout Remix

    We’ve got another awesome ladder workout in store for you! Our goal for this baby is to kick things into HIGH GEAR for you! This workout is definitely going to give you more of a cardiovascular kick, and can be followed with some heavier strength training for any body part of choice, or cardio if you wish. You want to keep things MOVING. You want to take minimal rest between these exercises. This workout is LADDER WORKOUT. So basically each series of moves will decrease in the number of reps performed as we go from one to the next. We’ll start with moves that are easier, and progressively move to more challenging ones as we go on.

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  • Back and Hamstrings

    This is a upper/lower split focused on two of my favorite body parts that, in my opinion, truly completes the shape of a well developed posterior view. We’re going to play around with various rep ranges as well as tempo. So you should get a nice pump and burn throughout this workout. Now, the one thing I will say to you is that you want to think about the mind muscle connection. Some of the weights for this workout will get into near maximal loads, and so don’t make it an ego fest about simply going heavy for the sake of going heavy. Go heavy but keep your form first and foremost. It’s about working every muscle fiber as deeply and as fully as you can.

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  • Chest, Triceps and Abs 2

    This program is all about giving a nice push and pump to your upper body via the chest, triceps and abs. Keep the weights CHALLENGING. You should always come within 1-2 reps short of failure for each exercise and each set. Listen to your body, and work in a way that won’t injure you! Each time you do this workout, the goal is to beat your numbers.

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  • December Coaching Message: Preempting Our New Year’s Game Plan NOW!

    Hey there, Roxstars! Welcome to the final month of the year – December! This year, I’m feeling the need to switch things up a bit. If you’ve been with me for a while, you know I usually emphasize the first half of the year as a time for change, turning the page, and setting new goals. However, I’ve been doing some thinking, and I believe putting too much pressure on ourselves with New Year’s resolutions can be overwhelming.

    So, for this year-end, let’s take a different approach. I want you to reflect on where you started on January 1st and where you are now in December. Instead of waiting for the new year, let’s establish the mindset, habits, and goals needed to head confidently into the future.

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  • Holy Strides: Pray This Rosary-Infused Running Routine

    Welcome to a run that’s not just about covering miles, but about connecting your mind, body, and spirit on this journey. As we prepare for this run, I want you to keep in mind the powerful words from 1 Corinthians 10:31: “Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all things for the glory of God.”

    Today, we’re going to channel that divine energy with every step. Picture your every stride as an opportunity to glorify God, to honor your body, and to push your limits, for it is through our trials and tribulations that we grow stronger.

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  • Roxstar Foundations: Total Body Triumph – 3 Day Beginner Foundational Program

    DAY 1 DAY 2 DAY 3 STRENGTH HIIT The Wall Total Body Shred Burn and Sculpt Lower Body Circuit – Cardio Push, Bodyweight, Minimal Equipment Chest And Back Mix – Home or Gym Based Workout CARDIO 30 Mins SS Cardio Keeping HR Above 75% 30 Mins SS Cardio Keeping HR Above 75% 30 Mins SS [...] Continue Reading
  • Spiritual Sloth And How It Damages Your Fitness Motivation

    Get ready for an eye-opening journey where faith and fitness intersect. In today’s podcast, we’re redefining the concept of sloth and its connection to your fitness journey.

    The media bombards us with unrealistic standards, leaving us feeling inadequate. It’s time to unplug from the noise and rediscover your purpose through spirituality.

    True health comes from within; your body is a vessel for your well-being. Let’s tackle the concept of sloth through spiritual fitness for a profound fitness journey. Are you ready to join me?”

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