Back, Shoulder, and Arm Blast – Heavy Circuit #1

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(This is a workout from our old site, Muscle Is The NEW Sexy)

Ok, it’s time for you to bear arms and bear them proudly!  This workout is sure to set your upper body on fiyah.  Our focus for this workout is to increase size, strength, and to over time bring some nice shape to the upper body.



This program should be performed as one complete circuit.  So you’re going to do 1 set of each exercise with minimal rest in between.  After the final exercise, you may take anywhere between 2-3 mins off to rest before repeating again from the top.  Here’s the program set up below:

1. Overhead Squat (Barbell or Olympic Bar) – 8-10 reps to controlled failure*

2. Single Arm Bent Over DB Row – 8-10 reps – Doing both sides is ONE complete set

3. Cable Low Pulley Rope Hammer Curl – 8-10 reps to controlled failure

4. Single Arm Cable Snatch – 12-15 reps to controlled failure

5. Single Arm Parallel Tricep Extension – 8-10 reps – Doing both sides is ONE complete set

If you’re more of a beginner, start by doing 2-3 rounds.  If you’re more advanced, strive for 4-5 rounds!  Tell me how you did by posting in the comments below.  Include how much weight you used for each exercise!

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