Basics of Weight Training: Tools, Tips, Tidbits and More for Beginners!

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If you walked into a weight room of any gym across the country you would see a majority of the same things:


Various amounts of equipment that come in all different shapes and sizes, lots of noises of the clanging of dumbbells, sounds of groans and grunts, several people with different agendas with different types of headphones outfits with motivational quotes and all come in different sizes.


Intimidated yet?


Well its all about the giving it a try and going for the first steps in the process which is going in the weight room despite all the people that may seem way more experienced or appear to be more experience we all start somewhere. Here are a few basics of weight training, tools, tips, tidbits and more to get you going in the beginning.


Get A Workout Plan

I find it is better with any new situation to have a plan of action based on research written down and in your mind how you are going to proceed. Normally a lot of more experienced lifters either have a notebook or already have a schedule for each week of what body parts to work, when to rest, how many sets, repetitions and anything additional. You can find a workout plan online, or by working with a personal trainer. It is better to find out more information so you don’t seem to waste a lot of time just walking around looking lost.


Decide What Works Best For You

There are many different ways for weight training, which includes the most popular as being free weights. Free weights are defined as a weight not attached to a structural device which will include your barbells and dumbells. You normally see this lined up along the wall on racks and a lot of the plates are used on the barbells to add extra resistance.


As a beginner know that this is not the end all, there are also machines, body weight exercises, bands, cables and so much more to involve yourself into. A lot of people may view weight lifting as a bunch of grunting and groaning throwing weights around but it is much more different than that for each individual person.


Take some time to experiment with different methods and see where your comfort level is as you learn more and more information.


Carry Workout Gear

After you get a plan, taking along equipment with you can help in a lot of ways. Some things to possibly carry in a small backpack or duffel are headphones, MP3 player or IPOD, weight gloves, water bottle, paper and pen etc…


These items and anything else you may want to add are recommendations for your start. The headphones and IPOD are good for listening to music which is good for keeping your focus and workout not as boring with outside sounds. The water bottle is good for staying hydrated as you will sweat a lot and a lot of the fluids will need to be replaced. Its good to fill it with a Gatorade or a nice workout drink.


Paper and Pen is good for writing your program down in case you forget as well as how many sets of each and repetitions you did with each set and amount of weight utilized. I highly recommend having a nice Nike or Adidas Bag for your items.


Be Safe

I say this because we tend to imitate what we see verses how it actually is supposed to occur especially when it comes to using weights. There is more room for injury on some levels especially when you have not had the experience with free weights. I would say a lot of practice is good to start as far as ensuring your body has the proper form with feet planted, the rest of you body position for each individual exercise. Also using a weight belt is good for back support. I recommend having this on hand as well as lifting straps to have the option if need be in case the gloves do not do justice. Also ensure you wear your gloves to get a nice grip and also if you like to look cute it add a bit of color/fun to your outfit.


Have Fun!

Exercise should not feel like a form of punishment, by having fun with it and adding variety, going to a few classes, getting a partner or making it a group effort with a few friends adds excitement. This also makes you feel not so much alone and can motivate other folks around you to put their best effort forward.


It helps to get to know people with similar interests or to invite your friends to tag along. These are a few tips to get you started. It is not limited but it will get you to push forward and try something new. I previously wrote a blog before about getting into weightlifting but now its time to move forward and explore the many options and variables that involves weight lifting. Give it a shot and see how you like it!




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