I Can, I Will, I MUST – March 2017 – 25 Day Challenge

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Welcome to our challenge for this month!


One of the things I want to bring focus to for the month of March is giving you guys the opportunity to step up your game, face the music when it comes to your habits, and getting out of your own way when it comes to getting results!


I’m pretty sure you can agree with me on this one, but it’s all too often that we self-sabotage, doubt ourselves, listen to the opinion of others, compare ourselves to others… And it all gets in the way of what WE want, what WE need to do to achieve our goals, and in the end what WE truly accomplish.


So, the I Can, I Will, I MUST Challenge is about just that. Getting out of your own way – no matter what – and achieving the goals we set in this month.


Before you begin, I want to have watch the following video for inspiration, motivation, and to set you off on the right mindset to achieving this goal!



Challenge Overview:

Over the next 25 days, our goal is to take aspects of your training, nutrition, and even your lifestyle, and enhance it. I can it doing things at “10x”.


We want to put in:

  • 10x the focus.
  • 10x the drive.
  • 10x the effort.
  • 10x the commitment.
  • 10x the confidence.
  • 10x the desire to succeed.
  • 10x the follow through.


And it is in embracing THAT mindset that you will be able to truly see some amazing changes.


Now, why “10x” you ask? Well, if you think about going FULL IN, or as I like to say doing the “full court press”, then there is no room for excuses.


There is no room for doing things halfway.


And if you commit with the mindset of going ALL IN for the next 25 days, we can work to keep a game plan in motion well beyond that will find you to your goals a lot quicker.



Who is This Challenge For?

This challenge is specifically for anyone who is truly ready to COMMIT to 25 full days of compliance, focus, accountability, support, and motivation to get to their ultimate goals.


  • You MUST be ready to follow a workout plan, eat right, establish new habits that gets results, get rid of bad habits that hold you back, and have accountability along the way.
  • You MUST be willing to come to our member community forum right here on the Inner Circle site, and check-in once a day or every other day to connect with our community, to connect with me, and to stay on top of your check-ins and challenge assignments.
  • You MUST be willing to bring your A-Game to the table to get on track with your goals, and really see how much change you can make in just 25 days.
  • For current clients, you can use YOUR workouts assigned by me or by our Inner Circle (ALL LEVELS invited).
  • For Inner Circle Freebie Level Clients, you can use your own workouts, but still follow along with the challenge as written in the guidebook – AND instructed directly via email and our community forum.
  • If you are not yet a member, you will be given the opportunity to join in with us at the Freebie Level – no obligation to sign up for our paid levels.
  • CURRENT ACTIVE paying clients will have access to some bonus webinars, live chat Q&As, and podcasts.
  • Everyone can still successfully participate being a part of the community.
  • You MUST be a person very serious about their goals, and results, and ready to make REAL changes now.


Do I Have to Pay Anything?

Nope! Entering and participating in the challenge is FREE!
It is open to all of my clients regardless of level, and dedicated subscribers of my email list.
If you are not a paying client, or you have not purchased any of my eBooks or training programs, you will be required to sign up for my FREE Inner Circle Freebie Level to be able to access the RoxStar Fitness Community Forum, and to participate in the program fully.


Once you submit your entry, you will be sent info to join the site at the Freebie Level.


  • Freebie Inner Circle Level members are asked to follow your own workouts. If you want something to play with you can use the 5 sample workouts on your freebie dashboard.

  • Freebie Inner Circle members who are considering joining the full Inner Circle can do so as well. But this is not required.

  • Current RoxStars who are clients or have purchased my eBooks or programs can use the workouts they have access to on the site. You can see a full list of approved programs below.

  • RoxStars following the Monthly Transformation Program, I ask that you stick to your current training month so we can stay on track with your program.

  • RoxStars on our 16 Week Contest Prep Inner Circle Self-Coaching Program, you can remain on that plan and do this program.

  • RoxStars who want to switch it up may do so using any of the approved programs below.

  • 1-on-1 Coaching Clients, you will follow your assigned workouts on your personally designed training program.


Approved Workout Programs

I am expecting ALL Inner Circle clients to use one of the programs on the site. 1-on-1 coaching clients, please simply use the program I have personally designed and drafted for you.


Approved Programs include anything listed here on our Workout Programs Page (Active Clients Only Link). Ideally you should be focusing on the program sent to you via email for those who are NEW to our program.


Approved Workouts:

#BecklesBuilt Monthly Transformation Program*
16 Week Contest Prep Program (VIP Only)
8 Week Full Body Super Pump (Fat Loss Focus) – Weeks 1 to 4 Training
16 Weeks Full Body Super Pump 2 (Fat Loss Program) – Weeks 1 to 4
Upper Lower Simple Push Pull – Basic Strength 4 Week Plan
Burn and Build 4 Day Split 4 Week Fat Loss Program
Spring Training Weeks 1 to 4 – 8 Week Training Program

* #BecklesBuilt Monthly Transformation Program: (New RoxStars still going through our monthly plans like Month 1, Month 2, etc are asked to follow THAT program).


Freebie level clients, you will follow your own workouts, but if you wish to finally start having more structure and focus on your plan I do have some options…


Consider joining the Inner Circle Coaching Program, or even purchasing something like my 21 Day Fat Shredder Program which goes PERFECTLY with this program.


The 21 Day Program does NOT make you an Inner Circle Coaching client, so the live events will not be unlocked unless you join at the Inner Circle level here.


But again, to participate you DO NOT have to make a purchase!


Check-in Dates

The following days you will come to our March Challenge Thread on the forum and post as described above.


  • Monday March 6 to 8th – First submission is due.
  • Monday March 13 to 15th – Second submission is due.
  • Monday March 20 to 22nd – Third submission is due.
  • Monday March 27 to 29th – Final Submission is due.

In Closing – Final Words Before You Begin

The whole idea of this challenge is to present you with an opportunity to reach your BEST. And to also do it by way of sharing in the experience with others.


So your participation and follow through is CRUCIAL to your success.


Follow the rules, keep your focus, SUBSCRIBE TO THE MARCH CHALLENGE THREAD so you don’t miss replies and responses, and really look towards a more improved you over the 25 days of our program.




To Participate in the Program You MUST Download and Read the Challenge Guidebook.



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