[Video] Cardio vs. Weights: Which Is Better For Fat Loss?

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Got a GREAT video to share with you today! Cardio vs weights when it comes to fat loss seems to be the age old question… And I’ve got my answer for you right here!


The following video is one in a series from our private 30 Day Fat Loss Mastermind Program, where a small group of our Inner Circle members worked closely with me on goal setting, and laying the foundation to setting up their training and nutrition programming for long term fat loss success.


In this video, we’ll explore one of the most contested debates in the fat loss game – cardio vs weights… Where should you be focusing your energy when it comes to your fat loss efforts?


Let’s take a look at both tools of training and how to properly implement them in your programming for best results.  




Now it’s YOUR turn. Got questions or comments? Post below!


How do YOU apply cardio to your programming, and what’s your favorite type of set up for your weights (metcons, circuits, pure heavy lifting, a combo of it all)?




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