More Cardio Before Weights for Fat Loss? March Q&A Video!

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Today I have got a great video I want to share with you! Another episode of Coach’s Corner exclusively on my YouTube channel – which you can get to right here and I do, do, dooo ask you to please subscribe! This way you get all my great content first, and you don’t miss a thing of course!

Now, I want to jump into today’s video with a little lead in…

The following video was put together for members of my Inner Circle. Each month my members get to ask me all of their burning fitness and nutrition related questions in our private Facebook Group, and I’ll take to video or podcast to answer them! My number one message to all clients is that the more you understand, the better your execute. And with all of the fluff that’s floating around, I love to set the record straight in the case of telling you all what REALLY works when it comes to your efforts in the gym – and in the kitchen.

We had a ton of great questions this month, some of those questions are:

  • At some point does steady steady state cardio start to lose its efficacy? Talking about time say 30, 35 minutes….
  • When you are in the process of fat loss should you have more cardio days, until a certain point where you do less cardio and more weight training?
  • Are you supposed to be sore after every weight lifting session? At what point does it stop happening, and then does that mean your aren’t progressing anymore?
  • Is there an “ideal” body fat percentage for competitors? I know everyone is different but I’ve heard that figure competitors should be around 10-12%. Is this true?
  • What are your thoughts on Deload Weeks And Refeeds??? Do you believe in them? When do you know you need one?


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