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  • Rack Pulls

    Rack pulls are a fantastic exercise for building up the back. In my opinion, it’s also a great exercise for figure, women’s physique, or builder competitors to really work on spreading the lats and displaying a proper front and back pose. Performed as a modified deadlift, this exercise can have you improving your wingspan in […]

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  • Olympic Bar T Rows

    This is a GREAT exercise for hitting up the middle back. I love this one as a builder, you can do it on it’s own, or part of a super or giant set. Really think about SQUEEZING the traps through the top of the range of motion.       Primary Muscles Targeted     […]

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  • Alternating Integrated Chest Press

    This exercise is a very awesome alternative to a traditional cable chest press. It brings an element of stabilization, muscular endurance, and strength depending on how you set your tempo, rep range, and amount of weight. It hits primarily the mid and upper chest, front shoulders, triceps, transverse abdominals and obliques. So it’s a fantastic […]

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  • Pop Squat + Adduction

    This is a great exercise to mix up your jump squats, and get the glutes and inner thighs powered up!             Primary Muscles Targeted Start with your feet a little wider than hip width apart. Toes should be pointed slightly outwards, you hands can be on your hips, or held […]

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  • Speed Romanian Deadlift (RDL) – Feet Close

    The Speed RDL’s is a great exercise for targeting the glutes, hamstrings, and lower back. Because it focuses more on power endurance (producing as much power as you can in as little time as possible – and over a duration or number of reps), we do not want to go too heavy with this motion. […]

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  • Barbell Overhead Squat

      The Overhead Squat is the “Grand-Daddy” of functional exercises. It’s an exercise that will surely hit not only the legs, but the core, back, arms, and shoulders as well. In the fitness industry, personal trainers and strength coaches will often use the Overhead  (OH) Squat as an assessment tool, determining what muscles may be […]

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  • Landmine 180 Twist

    This is one of my favorite exercises that does a great job at targeting the core, more specifically it hits the obliques and the deep core transverse abdominals. It’s one of those things that I like to throw into metabolic circuits to keep the heart rate up as well. It’s a more functional exercise that […]

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