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  • Discovering Your Perfect Macros and Calories Based on Body Type

    This jam-packed masterclass is going to cover a GREAT topic for those really looking to step up their nutrition game and take greater control over their diet.

    Our masterclass will focus on discussing the 3 major body types, and how to determine which one you fall into – using our handy calculator!

    Once we figure out YOUR personal body type, I’ll then give you a step-by-step walk through to figure out how to determine YOUR perfect calories and macros for your needs and goals. We’ll be using our Macros and Daily Calories Calculator on the Inner Circle Site.

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  • After Party AMA: Can You REALLY Build A Brazilian Butt/Body Without Surgery?

    In our main video, we took a look and reacted to Truly’s video called My Fitness Secret To Building A Brazilian Body/Butt | MIAMI MUSCLE. 
    And we broke down whether or not it’s even POSSIBLE to build a body like the amazing “FaFa Fitness”. 

    Catch our breakdown here:

    Well in this special member’s only video, I want to give you the steps that you MUST absolutely take if building this kind of body is your ultimate goal.  Let’s discuss the exact style of training, the diet, and… 

    Supplementation – both legal and illegal. Oh yeah honey we are getting into the THICK of it with this one!

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  • Freeing Yourself From The Scale and Its Control Over You

    It’s so crazy how a little number can have a huge impact on your self worth, right? If I can name the ONE thing that tends to throw off clients, it’s their obsession with the scale. For so long, we’ve ALL been taught to “stay at that number”… But what if that number changes? What […]

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