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  • Legs Plyo + Brute Strength 2

    I absolutely LOVE this workout! Great push for the legs, will have you sweating, and working really hard throughout. This is part 2 of our series. Be sure to start with part 1 before progressing to this workout. We’ll begin the workout with some plyos, which will pre-exhaust the legs a little bit. Afterwards we’ll move into some strength work, and although you may not be able to go super heavy with all of your sets after the plyos, you can focus on the mind/muscle connection instead. If you cannot perform jumps, then simply move to the strength portion of the program.

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  • Leg Day Hustle: 12-Minute At-Home Tone and Define

    Welcome to Leg Day Hustle: 12-Minute At-Home Tone and Define workout! This quick and effective routine is designed to sculpt and tone your legs in just 12 minutes. No equipment is needed, so you can do this workout anytime, anywhere.

    Join me as I take you through a series of dynamic exercises to target your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. You’ll feel the burn as you work through lunges, squats, and other leg-focused movements designed to help you achieve a lean, toned look.

    Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, this workout is perfect for anyone looking to get in a quick, effective lower body workout at home. So, grab your water bottle and let’s get started on our Leg Day Hustle!

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  • Lower Body Strength Series #1 – Part 3

    Program Introduction: This program focuses on hitting every aspect of the leg musculature possible. It’s a simple set up, yet should still prove to be quite challenging if you push yourself. The goal is to beat your numbers, so as you advance through this series, you should see strength improvement each training cycle. Keep track […]

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  • Kick My Azz: Glutes, Hams, and Quads Strength Workout 3

    This is part 3 in the Kick My Azz Leg Series! Before beginning this, be sure to start at part 1. You can get other workouts in this series by clicking the link above (below the title of this workout). This workout ain’t for the faint at heart. It’s a great workout that will focus on some serious strength and building for the glutes, hams and quads. All and all, I want you to focus on beating your numbers with this one. Challenge the amount of weight you’re putting into every rep, every set, and every lift. Keep in mind to come within 1-2 reps short of failure for the final tail of your sets.

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  • Roxie’s REAL Workout: Olympia Basketball Glutes, Hams and Calves

    Let me start this off with, I LOVE this workout. In fact, not only did I use this one during my prep for the 2014 Olympia, I also used this workout off season to build my glutes, and find myself going back to it during contest prep time to keep the shape, fullness, and strength of my legs as I diet down.

    My advice to you, train hard and REALLY PUSH YOURSELF. Change comes with CHALLENGE, so don’t be afraid to take yourself out of your comfort zone in the gym.

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  • Hamstrings and Calves – Strength and Development

    This workout is bringing some front center focus to the hamstrings and calves.

    It’s a relatively quick workout, albeit very effective if you really give it your all. Keep the weights on the heavy side, so when you reach the final rep of the set, you are within 1-2 reps short of failure. If you want to work to failure for the final set, you can, but just do so intelligently.

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  • Lower Body – Leg Smasher 1

    Program Introduction: Looking for a killer pump, and a workout to really get EVERYTHING moving from top to bottom when it comes to your leg workout?! Then this is PERFECT FOR YOU. Pace yourself and use weights that challenge you. Pay attention to the tempo and the amount of weight you're using as I am [...] Continue Reading
  • Lower Body – Leg Smasher 2

    Program Introduction: This program is a nice continuation of our Leg Smasher Lower Body Workout. Now, I’d gotten quite a few emails and remarks in our Facebook Group about just how KILLER part 1 was… So I KNOW you will be absolutely thrilled with how we step it up for part 2. Get those legs […]

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