Chest and Triceps – RoxStar Strength Blast

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Program Introduction:

We’re going super traditional with this kind of set up. A basic straight set, no frills, kill it with technique workout in the gym to pump up the chest and triceps. We’ll hit up everything from super heavy sets that test strength, to super high volume sets that will excite muscle endurance. All and all, it’s a great way to put some good size and solid strength into the upper body for you this cycle.



Before beginning this program you must read the following Disclaimer and Terms of Use.


You acknowledge that you follow this workout – or any other workout on our site – at your own risk, and that you have consulted with your physician regarding your participation in this program.


You also acknowledge that RoxStar Fitness, LLC is not liable for any injuries that you may incur.    


Warm Up:   Before you begin this workout you’re going to definitely want to do about 5-10 mins of easy cardio to get the blood flowing and your body ready to train. You can also follow with foam rolling any areas of your body that are tight or sore. Once you do this, you’re ready to begin.    


The Training Program: If you aren’t familiar with the following moves, you can check out our exercise video database. New exercises are being added weekly.    


Guidelines about amount of weight: Your goal for this is to get to controlled failure for each rep. So by the time you reach the final rep you should be within one rep short of failure (NOT complete failure).


Exercise Name Reps Sets Weight and Notes Tempo Rest
Straight Sets
Incline Bench Press

S1 – 10r

S2 – 8r

S3 – 8r

S4 – 6r

S5 – 11r

5 Increase weight with each set. Set 3, go up a tiny bit from S2, could be between 5-10 pounds, and rock out the same number of reps. S4 increase the weight. S5, use the same weight as S1, just rock out 1 extra rep. 2/0/2  80-90s
Body Weight (Or Assisted) Dips

S1 – 8r

S2 – 8r

S3 – 8r

3 You can do these on the assisted machine if doing body weight is too difficult. 2/0/2  80-90s
DB Incline Chest Fly

S1 – 15r

S2 – 15r

S3 – 15r

S4 – 15r

4 Increase your weight for each set, even if it’s by a small about like 2.5 to 5 pounds. The difficulty comes in the increased volume due to the weight bump ups. 2/0/2  50-60s
Lying BB Tricep Extension

S1 – 20r

S2 – 25r

S3 – 30r

3 Really focus on keeping the elbows IN for this one. The arms should form a perfect 90 degree angle when you lower the bar. Push through the triceps – really squeezing the muscles when you extend the arms. The weight will remain the same for the entire set, but we will increase the reps for each. 2/0/2 80-90s

Cable Alternating   Integrated Press

S1 – 20r

S2 – 20r

S3 – 20r

3 Increase your weight with each set, keeping the rep range the same. 2/0/2 45-60s
Lat Pull Down Bar Tricep Extension

S1 – 20r

S2 – 15r

S3 – 12r

3 This is just a regular ol’ tricep press down using a lat bar. Increase your weight with each set. 2/0/2 60-80s


We suggest you refer to’s amazing exercise database for full video tutorials.  That can be found here:

** AMRAP – As many reps as possible

** Super Set – perform one set of each of the exercises back to back with no rest in between, you may rest as notated below after the second exercise

** Giant Set – perform one set of each of the exercises back to back with no rest in between, this is basically like a circuit; rest only after the final exercise as notated.

** Straight Set – perform the first set, rest, then perform the next set, rest, and repeat until you reach the final set. This is not performed as the circuit type of work above.

** BB = Barbell, DB = Dumbbell, KB = Kettlebell, RB = Resistance Band, SB = Stability Ball, SA = Single Arm, SL = Single Leg, BO = Bent Over

** Tempo = Eccentric (Returning to start)/Hold at the bottom of the motion/Concentric (Starting the motion)/Hold at the top of the motion. Example: Squat 2/0/2/0 2 to lower into the squat, no hold at the bottom, 2 to stand up, no hold at the top.  

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  • Katherine Wilburn

    I don’t know why I always look at straight sets and think “Thank god, finally a BREAK!”. it never happens. THE BREAK IS A LIE! Seriously, there are no easy days. Every day is something to push through, a new challenge to rise to, a new goal to smash. And this one kicked my ass so hard that I instantly regretted my decision to attempt liquid eyeliner this morning. My arms were still shaking and I had to wash everything off and start all over again so I didn’t look like hachett face on cry baby.

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