Crossfit: Truths and Myths…What we think we know!

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Crossfit truths and myths… What do we really know and how much do we assume?


A lot of people don’t care for Crossfit, I will admit I was one of those people but it was only based on what I saw mostly and not what I read. A lot of the moves/exercises appeared to be unsafe/dangerous, with a lot of fast movements and extensive routines that made me feel a bit uncomfortable.


However isn’t weight lifting kind of in the same category in regards to all of this, along with Yoga , Zumba, Life in general!? I am sure that many will disagree and so be it, but I wanted to at least identify some positives about CrossFit along with the not so positive things we know that we really don’t “care” for but maybe you can open the perspective.


A little background on CrossFit:


It was founded in 2000 by Greg Glassman and Laura Jenai with the intent of incorporating, HIT (high intensity training), plyometric, powerlifting, gymnastics, calisthenics and more. I am sure you are thinking Wow ok that sounds intense already which I can agree just reading that alone will make you a bit uneasy.


The intent is to be a strength and conditioning program that takes place at gyms or “boxes” as it is referred to. A WOD (Workout of the Day) is selected, scored on an individual basis and used to encourage competition. You will go through a course to be a trainer that only last 2 days along with seminars on powerlifting, Olympic lifts, Crossfit Kids, and much more.


Crossfit will allow the use of the name at all the gym’s but the programming is different at each gym which is probably why some folks may see different things or dislike it to an extent verses other folks loving their “box”. It varies just like with all gyms across the world.


All of the boxes are known as affiliates, use the name but the programming is not really standard across the board which again is why we may have different feedback on each location. Many different methods are use commonly that we all use: Bumper Plates, Gymnastic Rings, Barbells, Kettlebells, resistance bands.


These all are found in your local gym, I have found to use a lot of these myself. Some of the movement include what is called a “clean and jerk”, “snatches”, “box jumps”. I have incorporated a lot of these moves into my workouts and with lots of practice, form just like anything else I am able to enjoy it just fine however not all may agree.


I will say just like anything new we kind of write it off or take one bad experience and run with it. I am guilty of that. But you know what if you are curious or feel a certain way then its time to try it yourself and see what you can get out of it.


Ok so last piece, Crossfit even goes to lengths as having the Crossfit games! It started in 2007, and the prize is $250K to first place at the Reebok Crossfit games! It is broken down by divisions just like any regular tournament and folks show up to bring their best! Check out the site:


Ok so what have learned here:

Crossfit is just like most things to include regular exercise, the methods are different, approaches but overall it is generally about learning and being safe. You do have control over what you do and don’t do.


It can’t be forced on you, there are choices in these things just like with anything else, but before you completely write it off check into it first. It doesn’t have to be by joining a box but by looking at some of the moves on you tube,


A lot of practice is key just like anything else and if you don’t like it then so be it but at least try it! You will be surprised what you end up liking and using in your regular routines!




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