DB Bent Over Row Deadlift

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Looking for a way to kill two birds with ONE stone, tighten up the legs, and build/tone your upper back at the same time?


How about if I threw in some core tightening and strengthening benefits to it as well?  Ok, then you will DEFINITELY want to throw this compound move into your program!


DB Bent Over Row Deadlift – How to Execute It

Primary Muscles Targeted


1. Start with a dumbbell in both hands, holding them at your sides. Draw your navel in, and stand up nice and tall. Your feet should be either together, or about hip width apart.


2. Bend forward, keeping your chest up and out. Think about sticking your hips back – booty out. Let your arms glide in front of you, keeping the hands/dumbbells aligned with your shoulders.


3.  Pull the dumbbells into a back row. Squeeze your middle back together, keeping the chest out the whole time, and your back as straight as possible.


4. Drop the weights back down in front of you.


5. Stand up into a standing position, back straight. As you are coming up, think about driving through the hips as you perform a deadlift motion.


6. Repeat all of this again from the top. Performing this entire sequence is one full rep.


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