Dieting Too Much?: Signs of When It is Time to Stop

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When does a diet turn into regular living or how many times do we reset ourselves back to the same thing…. Is it really healthy mentality and routine to be constantly counting, measuring our calories and macronutrients?


I will say that sometimes even I struggle with that, a lot of math and counting calories along with grams of protein, carbs, fats etc.. but in reality I strive to compete at some point.


Its popular with the fitness culture especially the competitors just because it requires manipulation of your overall macronutrients to get your body to function the way you want it to for your best to the stage. Is it nerve wracking sometimes?


Absolutely but once you understand the reasoning behind it then you become set on it, sometimes even a bit obsessive as in counting every gram which once you have competed or at least did meal preparation, you will understand the method behind the madness.


Now say you haven’t competed and you are working on losing weight and you have a tendency to start fall off the wagon, start again, fall off the wagon, and yet start again. What does this accomplish emotionally? It is like a roller coaster, very confusing and frustrating?


It may even drive you to just say screw it period. We don’t want that! Otherwise overall it defeats the purpose of starting in the first place. So how do you recognize that you may be dieting too long or you need a break from your routine?


Lets go over some points:


It Becomes More Irritating Verses Just a Habit

Do you dread your diet? Does it makes you micromanage everything you put on your plate when you are not competing (competing is different as it does matter about intake etc etc..)?


At times you end up eating too little or too much along with your body responding in ways that say “help”. Many folks ignore these signs and assume its a part of the process but it is not supposed to feel like more of a headache than an actual habit or lifestyle.


If you are feeling like its becoming more like a 2nd job then its time to step back reevaluate a different approach or better yet just not micromanaging and letting your instinct do the decision making


Your Body Stops Responding or Responds in a Negative Way

Its amazing how a lot of people have the misconception that eating little to no carbohydrates or fats or whatever the situation is affects their entire bodily functions in negative ways at times. Yes, people have a tendency to overeat but also under eat…


That’s when your body starts to feel tired, your brain doesn’t function all the way and you get that moodiness especially when your stomach is growling after you just ate. Now most of us may say “oh its part of the struggle and I need to lose this weight” but why sacrifice your own health in doing so?


Now its not going to kill you, well at least not right away :) but who wants to function like this and for what purpose in life other than to have a small waist?


This is great in the beginning but doing it in a healthy way is the best and only way in my opinion to achieve the end result. Your body should not be subject to sacrifice because you only have one and treat it like you value it most!


Your Relationship With Food is Unhealthy

We all have a relationship with food in some aspect, some of us love it, some use it as a way to cope with their emotions, and especially when people are going on diets then it turns into what may seem like punishment.


“I would like a piece of cake but I cant because it will make gain 5 extra pounds” is what you may say at certain occasions but on the inside you feel sad, like an outsider and maybe even “undeserving”.


Granted most people may say what’s the big deal but sadly it does exist along with eating disorders but that is another blog post. The lesson to learn from this is the way you view your food determines how you take steps to achieve your goals.


If you view your food as nutrients, fuel for your body then you will do what is necessary in a healthy way to eat all the macronutrients you need along with a balance of some sweets whenever the desire hits your taste buds. If you view your food as means of punishment then things could take a turn for the worse in ways you never imagined.


Your Overall Emotional, Mental and Physical Well Being has Changed

What type of person were you prior to this phase?


Do you notice how slightly obsessed you may have become or moody?


If you have become noticeably different especially to your friends and family then maybe it is time to reevaluate your options. A change in your eating does not have to reflect in your personality especially if you are getting all the nutrients you need for lots of energy, healthy brain function, healthy weight loss etc.


It may be time to reflect and do a checks and balances on your overall emotional, mental and physical well being. What we think is normal may not always be so it never hurts to do a quality check on your own or with friends/family as they know you pretty well!


We always talk about healthy balance with food but when it becomes unhealthy do we recognize the signs? Do we know how it can emotionally break us down?


If we do see signs how can we overcome these situations?


Learn these signs and recognize how to resolve these issues. You have one body and only one especially if it functions extremely well. Take care of yourself first and foremost in this journey.    



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