The REAL Effort Behind “Effortless” Fat Loss and What YOU Need to Do Now!

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Wow, where and how do I even begin with this one… You know what boils my blood? There seems to be this kind of underlying, unsaid, unspoken belief that fat loss and changing your body is easy. Like just showing up at the gym, and simply doing a workout is enough to bring about change. The fitness industry sells this ideal of effortless fat loss… And it’s a damn LIE!

What do I mean by effortless fat loss?

Well, making you believe stuff like you CAN diet without hunger…

Or that you don’t need to weight train for fat loss, or you can be in and out of the gym and see your body magically evolve.

Look, I’m NOT saying that you need to be slaving away and starving yourself to death! But there is real hard core truth and fact that the goals you want to achieve aren’t easy for ANYONE. And if you’re not already someone who either has good genetics, or you’re already fairly active – and have the ethic of a work horse – then this journey is NOT going to be easy.

Here’s the thing you need to keep in mind though…

Nothing WORTH having is easy to attain!

Your goals are your goals because they are challenges that allow you to move to the next level.

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And moving to the next level of ANYTHING takes a whole hell of a lot of effort!

So how do you overcome this? How do you ensure your own success in the game, tackle obstacles, and make certain that YOU come out on top?

Well there’s a little thing I always say to my clients that I’m going to share with you…

You must be willing to put everything you have into your goals. And not only that, you have to set the stakes HIGH enough when it comes to your goals, so that you truly have to put in the work and dedication to make your dreams your reality.

You know what happens when you don’t set your goals high enough – when  you play it safe?

Only half the effort to accomplish them gets put out. I mean, if it’s not that important to you, then you don’t have to REALLY commit, now do you?

But what if you set the bar so high that you actually have to WORK for what you want.

You’ve got to get up in the morning and show up at the gym. You not only have to show up to the gym, but you have to TRAIN your ass off!

And not only do you have to put it all on the line in the gym, but you have to make sure your nutrition is ON POINT.

So essentially, your goals, and the effort it takes to achieve them, becomes a FULL COURT PRESS.

You can no longer sit back and make the excuse to take it easy. Because in doing that, you won’t even get close to where you want to be!

However, if you put it all on the line, work your hardest, train smart, eat right, and make yourself step up to the plate – even if you don’t make it to that goal as QUICKLY as you want to, you STILL end up far ahead of where you could have been had you not put in that kind of effort.

But let’s dig a little deeper and talk about how we can make all of this more tangible.


Double Your Efforts in the Gym

Listen closely to me for a sec…

It’s not enough to just say you’re working hard. Every workout you MUST ask yourself – what MORE can I give? How much further can I push? Am I at my limits, and can I give MORE!?

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Let me tell you something…

You can go further than you think you can. It’s so easy to get complacent in a workout. Easy to stop right before reaching that point that truly CHANGES YOU. And it’s not until you reach that point that you’ll even begin to reap the true benefits of the effort you’re putting in.

I’m not telling you to over-train! Not at all, in fact. But what I’m asking you to do is to keep raising the bar. To push yourself and to see what you’re truly capable of.

And it’s not until you step outside of your proverbial box that you’ll start seeing LASTING change.


Put More Effort Into Dietary Compliance

I know what you’re about to say (some of you), I eat healthy! I eat clean! So why isn’t anything changing.

I’ll be the first to burst your bubble (someone has to), but that’s simply NOT enough. At the end of the day if you are overeating even healthy food – a calorie is still a calorie – you will gain weight.

You need to eat within a caloric deficit in order to see changes. And eating healthy/making good choices is just the START.

Your diet is only as good as it’s complied to. So if progress is what you want, compliance is what you CRUCIALLY need!

Look at ways you can make things work for you. Does this mean perhaps cooking ahead of time, or packing your food to go? Does it mean getting up an hour earlier to get your 1st meal of the day in, and get everything else together for the rest of the day?

Perhaps it means purchasing a travel food scale for those of you always on the go, on the road, and having to eat out a lot.

Nobody can do it for you, so you’ve GOT TO be willing to step up to the plate.

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Raise the Bar When It Comes to Your Goals

You know that old adage, “Aim for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll end up among the stars…” Well, that adage has a lot of power and weight behind it.

In order to achieve a goal, it has to be relevant enough to you that you will put your everything into it to make it come to pass. Or else, why even begin the journey.

A lot of people tell you not to make your goals impossible. Not to dream big, and dare to claim the impossible. I say bullshit! Complete bull.

We ALL need something that drives us.

Something that makes us get out of bed every single morning and go for that GRIND. And what you want out of life, where YOU want to end up, is a major driving factor for that.

So claim YOUR goals. Don’t be influenced by the failures of others. Most people who tell you to aim low have never allowed themselves to exist beyond the status quo. So why let their insecurities, and misgivings, influence what you want in YOUR life.

Set that bar HIGH so you can put forth the effort, and accomplish the body that you see every time you close your eyes and dream.


Don’t Underestimate The Power of Your Own Will

The final thing I want  to leave you with today is this…

Don’t Fear the Work Ahead – Dive Right IN

You’d be very surprised by how much you can actually get done when you put your mind to it. When you decide that getting the body you want, getting that fat loss going, dropping those inches, and simply LOVING what you see when you look in that mirror…

How much effort you’re able to put in that you may not have even known was there before.

Willpower and desire are two amazing qualities and tools. And if you can tap into both, and marry the two – you my dear will be UNSTOPPABLE.

Because here’s the honest truth…

Fat loss is WAY MORE than just showing up at the gym. It’s about the effort and consistency – day in and day out.

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So make the CHOICE to give yourself a fighting chance.

Make the CHOICE to be your absolute best – better than you ever have.

Make the CHOICE to push beyond your limits and truly see what you are made of…

What will happen next is your body evolving before your eyes – and not only that. Your ability to KEEP those changes in the long term are almost guaranteed as well.


What are YOUR thoughts?

How do you stay motivated and focused in the gym and towards your goals?

Share your thoughts below.

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