Embrace Your Physical Changes When Building Muscle!

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As women we like to appeal more feminine on the outside to ourselves in the mirror from our head down to our feet but when we start to hit the weight room some things may change and some things will change more than you expected. Sure we have weight loss with inches and pounds but what about the feminine features? Features like our breasts size or the size of our butt seem to be the more prominent feature of what makes us feel comfortable as women. Does this make a difference really or are we more concerned about what society thinks of you physically? I think the latter and it is unfortunate but how do we deal with going through physical change not understanding why no one else is “ok” with it or you are worried about what people may think? I currently have some doubts at times but these are some things I have learned throughout my journey that I want to share:

Remember it is your body and yours alone

Whether you want to be “toned”, cut, thick, medium etc, whatever the verbiage it is still a decision to be made by you. The issue is that we love our bodies but not enough to see change and be 100% ok with it, granted no one is perfect but still for hard work to achieve your physique. If you decide you want to put on muscle go for it, or if you decide you don’t want as much muscle that is ok too! Regardless it all starts with taking all outside influence and reflecting on what you want the outcome to be.

Love and Respect Yourself No Matter What

In a world of social media and people who only identify with a certain image of the “ideal” female body you will have many critical of your outer appearance. When it is a woman with a bit more than normal there are more “eww” than anything else. You must not allow those outside influences to affect way you feel about yourself as a person physically. It is important to love and respect yourself more than anyone ever could because it matter how you feel about yourself first, mentally and physically.

Surround yourself with “like-minded” people

The saying “birds of a feather” never gets old because it is still relevant and true to this day. Some may view it as a group or a clique but the idea is that people who are similar in thought process, ideas, etc tend to share a lot of the same feelings and experiences. I found that I connect a bit more with females who are driven which turns out makes us want to push each other because we know how we operate on certain levels.

Discover a mentor/experienced person

Sometimes it never hurts to seek people out for more experience on certain levels. A person who has been there and done that with lots of lessons learned and experiences to share. I have found several people career wise, personal, even fitness experience that sometimes you just need that push to get to the next level. An unbiased opinion that will tell you what you need to hear even when you don’t want to, now granted that doesn’t mean its always the right time but nothing is perfect. What does this have to do with physical change? Well women have most likely experienced this for years and have stories to share of how they overcame those situations.

The physical changes that occur in our bodies as women especially when we decide to become in shape is not just weight loss but our bodies reacting to what we push it to do. Weight lifting is doing exactly what its purpose is which is to sculpt different parts of your body along with increasing strength. Can we predict how things will turn out? Not at all but when it does occur what will you do? Will you wish it didn’t happen or will you keep it moving to achieve the best? It is in your corner but just know you are not alone in these experiences, there are several, thousands of women who are just like you!

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