Factors That Influence Fat Loss

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Chasing the goal of fat loss can be a frustrating and confusing journey. How many times have you done it yourself?


With all the information available, it’s often hard to decipher what’s right, what’s wrong, or simply just what’s right for you! I wish that I could tell you that fat loss is an easy process.


I wish that I could tell you that there is a surefire, one size fits all piece of advice that I can give you that will make the process as sweet as pie – no fuss, no muss… But in order for me to do that, I’d be telling a bold face lie!


And that, I cannot stand to do for the sake of my own integrity. What I DO want to tell you is that fat loss can be figured out for most folks. That the process, although takes a lot of time and patience, CAN be achieved successfully. The thing that you want to keep in mind is that in order for your goals to be a success, you must be consistent, and you must play the game SMART. That means listening to your body, and making the necessary adjustments when YOUR BODY dictates it.



Fat Loss Is Influenced By Hormones

Fat loss is a game of not only diet and training but it’s also a game of controlling hormones. You can learn to manipulate this delicate system in some way through your nutrition and how you train.


Employing techniques like carb cycling with high carb days and big refeeds, those influence hormones that control metabolism and fat loss. Doing high intensity interval training for your cardio is a great way to help the body to lose fat and has some hormonal implications as well.


There is so much science in what we do and in our efforts, and although understanding it can be a little bit daunting, the more you do understand the better you can apply this to what you’re doing now, and see amazing results. Biofeedback is always the driving factor behind physical change.


And because of that, there are certain factors that will always dictate the rate at which you’re able to lose fat, and the results you see. It’s easy to become frustrated with the process without knowing what is happening inside your body as you embark on the “journey to your six pack”. I’ve always come from the school of thought that knowledge IS power. To know the “why” behind the why is essential because the more you understand, the better you can execute.


Nutrition and Fat Loss

“You can never out-train a bad diet”.


An adage that has become very popular in the fitness world which happens to ring incredibly true. No matter the effort you put into the gym, if your diet is inadequate, you’ll never see your goals realized.


But, I like to put a little spin on this saying by adding that a bad diet isn’t just one that’s not particularly healthy, but it can also be a relatively healthy one that is not optimal for your goals. A diet too low in calories, for instance, would be considered a bad diet as it’s not fined tuned or aligned with how you need to eat to see positive change. When it comes to nutrition, my views, and what I impart on my clients is the following:


You must EAT to be lean. EAT to be strong, EAT to gain muscle. EAT to achieve the body of your dreams. Food is your greatest ally – not your worst enemy…


We’ve been conditioning to solely think of restriction in order to reach our fat loss goals. The first thing a majority of people think about when the decision to cut comes to mind is what they need to restrict, and how much food they need to take away.


So even before you start on your fat loss journey, you’re putting things in the negative – coming from a place of deprivation. I want to challenge you to adopt the following mindset. I want you to approach your fat loss meal planning with the ideal to keep as many calories as you can in your diet, all while still seeing some positive physical changes. I want you to try to eat as many calories as you can, that still put you in a deficit, but isn’t so restrictive that it leaves no room for freedom and variety.


It’s not until you shift your mindset that you’ll be able to truly take off in the case of your eating. And I’ll tell you what… It’s going to blow your mind to see how you could be eating “so much”, yet still seeing amazing results. When you see this in action, it will make you have a better understanding how food is your ally in this game. How it is the fuel you need to change your body, AND fuel your training.


Genetics Plays a Role in Fat Loss

What if I told you that the struggles you might be experiencing could be more than just the effort you may be putting in, but perhaps there is a genetic component to the equation that may be stumping you.


And although, through diet, training, and environmental factors, things can be changed, being aware of what you’re working with will help you to get a better grasp on what’s going on with your body – and why. Enter your genetics… If you’ve ever thought that perhaps genetics may be at play when it comes to your ability to lose fat versus someone else, then you may be actually onto something.


In 12 Weeks to Lean I take a closer look at two specific studies that took sets of twins, put them on the same training and diet protocol and saw some amazing things at the end of the experiment. The twins all saw some form of weight loss between each other (as twins), but between one pair of twins vs the next, there were HUGE variances in fat loss results where some pairs lost more than others.


This is a great reason why I am so against cookie cutter types of approaches. What works for one does not work for all. So again, it’s important to fall back on biofeedback, how you feel, and what you see in the mirror to be the driving factor behind every move that you make in the fat loss game.  


12 Weeks to Lean Cover Sample 5My eBook and fully designed/done for you training system 12 Weeks to Lean explores all of this. We will take a very close look at exact what hormones dictate fat loss. But more importantly, we will explore EXACTLY how you can go about manipulating this delicate system by way of how you train, and how you eat. I cannot stress enough to you how digging deeper, and really allowing yourself to learn the truth behind the fat loss game can really set you free – and see you not only achieving the body of your dreams, but gaining back that confidence when you look in the mirror, and simply loving what you see.









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