Fat Loss Myths BUSTED! Tips That Actually Work – No BS, No Gimmicks

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If there’s anything that boils my blood most, it’s seeing misinformation, disinformation and just blatant lies being told to those who are seeking a solution to their fat loss goals. Basically, I’m sick and tired all of these crazy fat loss myths – that are simply driving ALL OF US insane! When it comes down to it, what truly works at the end of the day is quite simple and commonsense information and tactics. It’s not these grandiose promises that MIGHT get you a quick result, but won’t get you a lasting result. So today, I just want to touch on some things really quickly that I think may help you in your body transformation journey, particularly as it relates to fat loss.



Fat Loss Myth Busted #1: Carbs, Fats, and Salt Are Not The Enemy


This one is almost like “lions, and tigers and bears… OH MY!”


The amount of hoopla and noise over these three food substrates is insane! And it’s sad because they’ve been vilified, when really carbs, fats, and salt all play an INTEGRAL role in the body. Carbs and fats, specifically, act as sources of energy that the body uses. They work conversely, so as one goes down in your diet, the other MUST go up to maintain function.


Without that adjustment, you’ll find yourself low on energy, hungry, and downregulating an entire host of hormonal and metabolic function in the process. Salt is integral in the body as a means of regulating hydration. It’s also responsible in how well the body can uptake nutrients from the foods you eat. And not to mention its vital function when it comes to regulating blood pressure…


Now, too much of a ANYTHING isn’t good. However, knowing what your body needs in relation to your goals is key! Cutting out foods and entire food categories isn’t always the answer, or even necessary. Learn what works for you – don’t follow the herd when they’re following bad advice.



Fat Loss Myth Busted #2: You Don’t Have To Be Perfect – Stay Compliant Around 90%


Let’s get something straight – perfection doesn’t exist. It’s not even real! Perfection is an “ideal”, and an often unattainable one at that. When it comes to your diet and even your training, hitting everything spot on by about 90% is EQUALLY AS EFFECTIVE! Perfection is NOT needed! It’s not realistic. So stop beating yourself up when you slip up. Simply pick up where you left off, look forward positively, and know it’s only a drop in the proverbial bucket. Your success is dependent upon the CUMULATIVE effects of the work you’re in putting in. Being consistent is the greater factor for success.



Fat Loss Myth Busted #3: Cardio Is NOT The Answer – Strength Training Is.


Now, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. I’m not saying that cardio isn’t effective. What I’m saying is that you should look at cardio as a “tool in the toolbox” – not the basis upon which a plan should be built. Think about those cardio bunnies you see in the gym. Maybe you were once one – or are one currently. At first, you might see some great results, and that’s very motivating, I agree! But after a while those results stall.


And then the game becomes one driven by diminishing returns…


Having strength training as the cornerstone to your program design can set you up for greater success. At the end of the day, you are exciting metabolically active tissue. You are initiating a chain of events that will have an effect on you hormonally to push fat loss in your favor – more so than cardio alone EVER can do.


You are essentially training your body to be more “warrior like”, meaning leaner, stronger, with overall more tonality when it comes to shape and definition. Cardio is just the ADDED LAYER to help you to shed fat – a supplement in your training. Start seeing it as such and watch how quickly your body will change.



Fat Loss Myth Busted #4: It’s A Marathon Not A Sprint


And our final point for today… Remember this is about the long term journey. And in that respect, it’s all about taking your time, being patient, and not making sudden moves that set you back further than when you started. Always see the greater picture at hand – the greater focus.


Realize that nothing worth having can be had overnight – and that includes YOUR ideal body and your goals. You have to be willing to put in the work, and put it in for the long term – not just for what you can get NOW. You may see some positive changes straight away – and that’s great.


But you mustn’t be discouraged, and you must still and always think about the greater goal at hand when you hit those plateaus that seem to never end. Keep going. Keep pushing. Keep tweaking intelligently, and always remember that it’s the cumulative effects of what you’re doing (and doing over TIME) that will mean the difference on whether you succeed or fail in this journey that lies ahead.



These are just a few myths that are out there… But what others have YOU heard? Post them in the comments below!


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