Fitness Addiction: Know when its time to walk away…

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Is fitness for everyone? Is competing for everyone? You try it once and again to force something that could never this is not to say that working out is bad but lets talk when it becomes an addiction. Something you think about constantly, after you eat you need to work out or you are doing ridiculous amounts of cardio with no end in sight only to burn off calories you view as “bad”. It is very real, people are out there and may not realize or do and just don’t care. What if its someone you know, a competitor doing constant shows and for what, most of us who have competed know what it does to your body after long periods of time and we make sure that we understand what is healthy long term and considered not healthy. We need to recognize the signs, help each other and do things in a healthier, safer way.

Have you heard folks say “after this weekend, I have to burn the calories off” ? Many are finding themselves using a good time(eating a nice dinner, having dessert etc…) as a reason to do any exercising excessively may require some time to really think about things. There is a difference between making it a part of your regimen and just flat out putting your self through hell for no reason. We all have things we do that aren’t always the right things but at the same time some things may eventually destroy the person you know or yourself included. Take time to figure out what works best, have a goal in mind, and relax. If you like eating cheesecake, do just that and leave it behind.

Is it easier to identify what you don’t like about yourself or what you do like about yourself? Most likely its easier to say I need more abs, my butts needs less fat, a small waist etc etc… a lot of things are in our control but our genetic makeup is not. What about when you cant necessarily fix it the way you would like? Then what? Does 400 crunches help to get your abs popping? What about 2 hours of working butt exercises? A goal in mind is key but still we must pace ourselves, possibly hire professionals to help us understand what we could do differently or read up to gain knowledge on subjects we may not know too much about. A decision doesn’t need to made that moment you think about it, take some time and sleep on it. It will come to you.

What about knowing when its starting to become too much and begins to affect relationships with friends/family? What about if you have a significant other who may not be so understanding or feel neglected? Do you say screw them and keep it moving? That’s no good, we don’t want to neglect the people that care the most about us right? If its a competition then keep the communication lines open, always keep them up to date on what you are doing so they feel included. Possibly make it a partnership because that is more fun and then it can be enjoyable for all parties involved.

Its important to know when to back it down, possibly take a long break (more than a day). Its not to say quit or ban it all together but just balance it with your life. Don’t let it consume you to the point of no return. I have seen plenty of situations where it emotionally takes a toll on your life completely and next thing you know it is compulsive and a downhill spiral. Please know when to take a break and continue to be safe and make smart decisions!

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