RoxStar Fitness Food Substitution Calculator

The following calculator is designed to be used with any of the sample meal plans on our website, or any meal plan that Roxie has created specifically for you if you’ve upgraded your plan. You may use this calculator if you have designed your own plan, and want to be able to easily substitute foods out, and keep calories roughly the same.

Our Food Substitution Calculator is a quick solution to help establish FREEDOM in your plan. It allows you to do something similar to an IIFYM approach, but offering a little more structure, and taking the hassle of the math out of the equation for you.

If the calculator isn’t working from your mobile device, you may need to enable pop-ups. There is one that comes up on some devices to continue to the results. You can also try to use it in the “desktop version” in your mobile browser.

What Kind of Food? functions (Original Food)

How Many Units (i.e. grams, tablespoons, servings etc.)?
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What Is Being Substituted? (Replacement Food)