Foregoing the Past: Loving Life After Your Body Transformation!

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Tomorrow way too far away, and we can’t get back yesterday, but we young now, we got right now, so get up right now cuz all we got is right now!

-Rihanna, “Right Now”

I was listening to this song on the plane from Rihanna’s  album “Unapologetic” for the first time. The lyrics had such a powerful influence that it inspired the topic of this blog post. It reminded me of my experience with the transformation process and how after it is done your lifestyle/habits are different then what they were before.  It is time to start living your life and being happy with what you have achieved and adapting to the change.

Think of it like this… You have gone through your transformation, you went from eating everything to being cautious, and controlled with your portions. You are an official “gym rat” and your friends now include the yoga classmates, all the gym staff, regulars, trainers, and the janitor :), and several competitors. You are now in this life and sometimes your previous self creeps in and says, “You go to the gym too much” or ” Aren’t you tired of defending yourself to your friends?”. So many questions running through your mind of how to proceed next with your experience and everything you have learned thus far. You have crossed the threshold to your change and it’s time to begin the process of the way things will be for you moving forward. Will you feel like an outsider sometimes?  Yes!  Is it lonely at the top?  Yes! But it’s about doing things that are fulfilling, that make this transformation worthwhile. The lessons and struggles you went through were not in vain and you will learn this moving forward.

Now that the goal has been achieved, whether its competing or losing that baby weight, or just an extra 5 lbs – where do you fall in? At this point, it’s a feeling of accomplishment but paranoia at the same time. The paranoia is more of maybe being unsure of the next level. I believe, although most diets may work initially, they don’t tell you how to function physically, mentally, and emotionally through what I believe is actually the beginning of your life as the person you have become. It may not seem like a change overall but it is, you start to care more about what you are eating verses getting as much food as you can in that one sitting and not letting it go to waste. You allow the workouts to be a great stress reliever verses a feeling of irritation as if somebody is forcing you to do it. The way you view and adapt to this change from here on out is on a different level. The question is are you ready to move forward with this experience?

Here are some tips to consider:

Find more reasons to continue this lifestyle!

There are several reasons to be healthy, happy, stress free! If we take a snapshot in time of the before and after of your behaviors there will be significant improvement, I am pretty sure of that. The transformation affects not only your outside appearance but your emotions as well. Unfortunately, many people may still not be convinced, but you are and that’s because you have been through it!

Use this experience to motivate others!

The experience in itself is a powerful obstacle to overcome and to share the experience could motivate someone else to begin the process of their journey. It is not considered “bragging”, but instead more “paying it forward” because sometimes it takes witnessing someone else’s start and finish to believe you can do it. You could even take this and share it on social media or use it as a stepping stone to become a personal trainer. The possibilities are endless!

Don’t dwell on the past of how things used to be!

Sometimes you will be reminded of the person you were before through memories, pictures etc… You may begin to question if this was all worth it or if you can still stay in the same position while keeping a few of the old habits. Only you can make this determination, but ask if you want all the hard work to be for nothing? Take a look back at your journey if you have been taking pictures or if you have been writing a blog…  It is always a constant reminder of how far you have indeed come!

The process of transformation is only the first part in your journey, but what about the continuance on your successful path. There’s a statement that has shown up on many fitness social media pages lately that goes: “It’s not just a change, its a lifestyle”. With that in mind, it’s now time for you to move forward and continue on the path to a healthier life!

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  • Alysia Allen

    I can’t wait till this is my “new” issue. I am so looking forward to hitting my first goal and setting the next one. Looking forward to getting to know the janitor too! :)

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