Glutes Super Set – #TryThis Workout Series

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Ok got a good glutes super set workout that you’re definitely going to want to add to your arsenal.

This glutes super set will light those babies on fire for your leg day.


Glutes Super Set Execution Instructions:

With the sumo squat, squat deep, toes out, squeeze those glutes on the way up. The weight should be on the moderate heavy side, and INCREASE with each set. Take NO REST between the squat and the bridges. For the bridges, lie on the floor, use a moderate to heavier weight that really gets the burn in the glutes by about half-way through. Squeeze at the top of the motion, and control on the way down. Take about 60-90s rest after the bridges, and repeat to complete 3 full super sets.


glute super set - sumo squat floor bridge

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