Invest in Your Fitness Future For Life Instead of Short Term!

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The word goal is defined as “the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.” A goal normally is short term and once completed then what? Do you create another goal to make for that goal or do you plan for life? Should we begin to plan for life verses every year making more goals or I view them as “promises” to ourselves to do better. Every new year it begins with the resolution and following through the first few days, maybe a couple of weeks. You lose the drive less and less and then after a while it becomes something you tried and gave up. Now I am not saying this isn’t common and it happens to everyone but what is not common is someone’s ability to just roll with a situation. Do you need to announce your goals to all or do you need to just put the foot forward and do what you got to do? Do you need to put it on social media or write it down? Possibly as a reminder but sometimes it may make you feel worse when you don’t succeed that day. A lot of our goals are short term verses making it a lifestyle. We can make a lifestyle of brushing our teeth or eating our food but possibly not make a lifestyle of exercise. I am sure there are reasons for some of you but not all and even with those reasons it still doesn’t make you completely unable and incapable of doing what we desire to do. Have you ever watched someone try to do something from a distance? A baby try to walk? The baby doesn’t walk first, it is born and cared for and it eventually begins to crawl. I don’t think many babies stand up and yell I want to walk, ok in year watch? Oh hey guys this is what I am going to do. Now granted they cant talk but still they give it there best again and again. It wont be easy we all know this but the idea of change is hard to establish and once that is established its the action that makes it come to life.

Here are some things to consider towards making this change:

Start Small

Bit, Pieces and many parts make up a huge element. Think of it like the earth, it is not made of just water but many component that make it great. It took a while to put that together and it is still being put it together. The same with your situation, living life is complex but implementing change to it and turning it into action is difficult in itself. You can achieve what you want long term by beginning with something small. For instance you want to lose 5 lbs or you want to be able to do 20 situps. How do you get to this point? You can start by maybe once a week doing situps for x amount of numbers, even trying 5 is better than none at all.

Partner Up

Things seem easier to do when you aren’t alone in the process huh? Get someone who seeks for something similar to motivate your self. You would be surprised how you learn each other’s quirks and the way they can be pushed. After awhile you will be building up each others confidence to push each other in the right direction.

Know it wont be easy

If its life long that means it will need to be developed into habit right? It takes awhile to make things into a habit and it takes patience. Allow yourself time to grow into this situation

The bottom line is that we cant do anything without patience and time. You can do resolutions but maybe the way you approach the situation will bring better results. You wont know until you try. Good luck.

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