Just Lift: Learn to love it for what its worth!

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“Bad Ass”….


“Beast Mode”…




“Warrior” sound familiar? Do we fall into those traps?


“Traps” being our mindset evolving into another level of ego, as in “I am better than you”, “I did this much on this day at this time… what did you do?”


I am not saying being proud of your accomplishments is not great however when pride becomes cocky and personal goals become a reason to put yourself above all others then its time to scale back. I guess the reason I am writing is this is because I read a lot of things daily as my fascination with fitness and the industry, people in it grows with my knowledge as a personal trainer and what appeals to the “average” person… most people look for instant, feminine, model like, pretty, small but not too small, muscle with not too much muscle or better yet “toned” all with personality and the perfect life etc etc….


Interesting but on the other side the average person who has their ups and down may or may not get the same viewpoint of being “hardcore” and maybe that’s because of the life we live and how we would rather people sell us the fantasy than tell us the truth.


Ponder on that…


But is being into fitness or lifting a means to an end? Can it be just a hobby or only hold a meaning to each person individually? Let’s chat :)


Fitness continues to evolve into a sea of some people that appear to be self absorbed or are actually self absorbed in their own hobby , what may seem to be people who are shredded/low body fat all year long or in the gym for hours on top of countless hours of cardio try to push these methods as being hardcore. I believe it’s not necessary the actions itself but more of how you portray yourself.


There’s nothing wrong with having fun and not taking yourself too seriously but when you are constantly deep into it as in life outside this does not exist then it’s time to reconsider your methods. Instead of considering yourself better maybe just be proud of where you are and where you have been. It’s time to take these experiences and learn how to be humble. I’m sure most would say “well people follow me on Facebook or they like all my pics and want to be like me or I must be doing something right”.


This is not wrong to have supporters or people who enjoy your posts but taking it to a whole other level as in 400 pictures or posts then it’s time to take a step back. What needs to be evaluated here is the why.


What is your reasoning to get into lifting?


Is it to look good to others, is it for you to feel good about yourself?


Is it just to please other people who aren’t happy with your outer appearance?


Does hardcore define your personality or character, or is it just a person who finds joy in a hobby and wants to share in the experience with others?


All of this while having fun with family friends and eating plenty while getting rest and recovery?


Well I don’t really see too many that do and maybe it’s their brand but it’s all about separating the two. All posts aren’t about the gym or you may not need a selfie. It’s just a reminder to keep an open mind when it comes to this, prepare for days of being tired, hanging with friends and family, resting plenty, and enjoying good food at your leisure or possibly be in a prison of maintaining your six pack to strangers.


The choice is yours..do you choose happiness or misery?



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