Let Your Light Shine

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Have you ever heard a little voice in your head say that you aren’t good enough?  Or that you aren’t pretty enough?  Or thin enough?  Hopefully, you shake those voices away and move on with your day.  But there are other days when that voice gets louder and drowns out any positive inner voice.  One bad day turns into a few bad days and without any positive reinforcement, you find yourself in a bit of a slump.

Do you ever find yourself saying any of the following?

“I can’t fit in these jeans, I feel so fat today.”

“Look at these lines in my face, I’m so run down.”

“I wish I didn’t have these bags under my eyes, I’m so tired.”

At first glance, it might not seem like a big deal.  Everyone has bad days of course.  But these phrases are quite common for a lot of women, especially for those who have repeatedly dieted and tried to lose weight most of their lives.  That’s a heavy burden to be carrying around.  You might have good months and bad months.  Good months of consistent weight loss, increased energy, and overall feelings of “Things are going great!”

Other times you might feel like it’s all hopeless, especially if you are a slave to the scale or feel like you might have an addiction to food and dieting.  We all know negativity breeds more negativity and it can seem very hopeless at times.

It can also be very dark.  Do you ever notice how when you are unhappy with yourself, and don’t love yourself, you start to neglect your health and your appearance?  You almost want to live in the dark.  Dark lit rooms.  Dark clothing.  Dark feelings.  You go into hiding because you don’t want attention placed on you.

One mental exercise you can do is simply replacing all this negativity and darkness with LIGHT.

I recently read Deepak Chopra’s book “What Are You Really Hungry For?”   In it he discusses our ability to make the Mind-Body Connection.  One specific exercise he mentions is incorporating all things dark and dull and heavy with everything that is light.

Here are some ways to incorporate the word and action of LIGHT into your life.

  • Putting on lighter colored clothes
  • Drinking lighter beverages
  • Reading inspiring literature
  • Eating lighter, more refreshing foods
  • Wearing lighter fabrics
  • Lighting up the room

I thought this point was interesting because not only can we replace the DARK, DEPRESSING and DULL words and thoughts from our vocabulary and the words we speak, we can also replace them with thoughts of Light, Inspiration, and Excitement!

Even the word “light” makes you instantly think of something with less weight.  Something that isn’t bearing down on you, making you tired, making you heavy and depressed.

Another way to develop a more positive outlook is to be grateful.  This is more than just saying “Thanks” when you receive a compliment.  That’s all well and good but we need to be grateful daily.  Personally, I start my day with a prayer of thanks for being alive, for the food on my plate, for my family, etc.  But others might prefer to start their day differently.  Maybe it’s just a mantra that is said in your head or out loud at the breakfast table.  Perhaps it’s even before you get out of bed.

It’s all about how you start your day.  Tomorrow morning, try this little exercise.  Before you even hop out of bed, think of your body as being light and emitting a light for the world to see.  You want to show that light to everyone you encounter.  Tell yourself that you’re going to have a great day.  Put a smile on your face as you lay there.  Don’t think about the errands you have to get done or the kid’s lunches that need to be made or the project that is due to your boss by noon.  Something as simple as focusing your thoughts on positivity can kick start your day in the right direction.

As you become this more positive person, you will see the negative thoughts slip away, becoming less relevant.  It will take consistency and practice but sooner or later, you will start to develop some good habits.

Now, we can re-visit those negative thoughts I discussed in the beginning and come up with a better reaction:

You may have said: “I feel so fat in this outfit.  Nothing fits me anymore, I hate the way I look!”

Now:  My appearance does not define who I am.  While I’m in the process of transforming my body, I will learn to embrace the changes that are taking place.  I know I will learn to love how I look, no matter what the scale says.

You used to say:  “I hate the way I look today.  I wish I could look better in this outfit.”

Now:  I have plenty of qualities that have nothing to do with my physical appearance that people really like about me.  I can focus on accentuating those while working on trying to eat better and exercise.

You used to think:  “How come my friends can lose weight so easily but I can’t even get started?  Maybe I’m just meant to be heavy.”

Now:  Plenty of my friends have lost weight and they didn’t blame their genetics.  I’m not meant to feel tired and depressed everyday.  My process might be slow at first, but the more I work at it, the better I will feel.

You used to feel:  “I can’t stop these cravings!  I just won’t be one of those healthy eaters, it’s too hard!”

Now:  I will stop thinking of food as a reward or as something to satisfy cravings.  I will start to look at food as fuel and as every meal as a food opportunity that will either help or hinder my goals.  The choice is mine.

The time change our attitude is now.  Let’s start by stomping those negative thoughts and really focus on building ourselves up instead of tearing ourselves down.  Let’s learn to love ourselves the way we should.

Start everyday in gratitude, say something positive about yourself whenever you hear that little negative voice creeping in, and let your light shine on!

Namaste – The light that shines in me, sees the light that shines in you.

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