Lil Bit of Err’thang Legs

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Program Introduction:

This workout is just what the title says, a little bit of everything. It’s a short and sweet, super set style workout that looks easier on paper than it is in action. It’s also a higher volume push than our typical very heavy training work. Focus on form, connecting mind/muscle, and REALLY feel the muscle working and flexing throughout the entire range of motion.

Warm Up:   Before you begin this workout you’re going to definitely want to do about 5-10 mins of easy cardio to get the blood flowing and your body ready to train. You can also follow with foam rolling any areas of your body that are tight or sore. Once you do this, you’re ready to begin.    


Exercise Name Reps Sets Weight and Notes Tempo Rest
Straight Set
BB Reverse Lunges

S1 – 20r

S2 – 22r

S3 – 20r

S4 – 22r

4 S1 and S2 leave the weight the same but increase reps, increase weight for set 3, leaving it as is for set 4. Reps will increase between these two as well.   40-60s
Super Set#1
Body Weight Push Up

S1 – 20r

S2 – 25r

S3 – 30r

3 Keep the weight the same for each set, increase reps.  2/0/2 No Rest


Curtsy Lunges w/ DB

S1 – 20r

S2 – 25r

S3 – 30r 

Hold a single DB to the chest (under chin) while performing this move. Keep the weight the same for each set. Each step/curtsy gets 1 one count.

2/0/2 60-80s
Super Set #2
Leg Press

S1 – 12r

S2 – 15r

S3 – 18r

S4 – 20r


Keep the weight the same for each set, increase reps. The weight should be heavy and a challenge to complete the first set.

2/0/2 None
Pop Squat + Adduction 20-25r 4

Perform a regular pop squat without weight in your hands. When you jump in the air, bring the legs together (in the air), then land in a squat position. This is a great move for the inner thighs and glutes.

2/0/2 60-80s
Straight Sets
Barbell Calf Raises

S1 – 12r

S2 – 15r

S3 – 18r

S4 – AMRAP to failure

 4 Use a weight that will challenge you by the end of the first set (1-2 reps short of failure). Leave the weight the same for the next sets, increase the rep range. 




We suggest you refer to’s amazing exercise database for full video tutorials.  That can be found here:

** AMRAP – As many reps as possible

** Super Set – perform one set of each of the exercises back to back with no rest in between, you may rest as notated below after the second exercise

** Giant Set – perform one set of each of the exercises back to back with no rest in between, this is basically like a circuit; rest only after the final exercise as notated.

** Straight Set – perform the first set, rest, then perform the next set, rest, and repeat until you reach the final set. This is not performed as the circuit type of work above.

** BB = Barbell, DB = Dumbbell, KB = Kettlebell, RB = Resistance Band, SB = Stability Ball, SA = Single Arm, SL = Single Leg, BO = Bent Over

** Tempo = Eccentric (Returning to start)/Hold at the bottom of the motion/Concentric (Starting the motion)/Hold at the top of the motion. Example: Squat 2/0/2/0 2 to lower into the squat, no hold at the bottom, 2 to stand up, no hold at the top.