Maintaining A Positive Mindset While Dieting

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This week’s post comes right on time! It actually falls in line with the topic of our free webinar on Thursday! I’ll be sure to post the video this week on this post for later viewing. I want to talk to you today about the importance of remaining positive throughout your process of dieting – whether that goal is fat loss, or whether it’s lean building. It doesn’t matter… Outlook is everything, and treating yourself well mentally and emotionally is a big part of the process if you want to be successful at this.

It’s so very easy to find flaws in oneself. I see it all the time with my online coaching clients, despite the fact that they may be doing well. Despite the fact that their body is progressing, some of my clients seem to beat themselves up because they aren’t progressing at the rate they feel they should be – progress isn’t coming fast enough. Or, as they are progressing, and acknowledging there is change happening, they constantly choose to see only their flaws. But I have a little adage that I like to say to these clients:

In order to be successful at this process of body transformation, regardless of your goals, you must embrace who you are in the present, all while looking diligently towards your future.

Read it again, and understand the meaning of that… In order for you to find true success, and eventually reach your goal, you absolutely MUST take care to love you for you. No matter where you are in this journey, embrace it, acknowledge it, know that you aren’t perfect, but at the end of the day, you’re still going to work towards your goals – and appreciate that journey along the way.

It takes a lot of practice, I think, to eventually get there. To get to that point where basically, this is the general mental state you maintain while on your fitness journey. But just getting into the habit of ingraining this way of thinking will eventually lead you there. It’s like the theory of the law of attraction – like begets like unto itself, and whatever energy you put out in the universe comes back to you. So if you are constantly seeing the negatives, and the flaws in yourself, then how can you make room for truly positive change? How can you actually enjoy this process and see it as something that becomes your lifestyle, so that in this way, any changes you do physically make is made for the longterm? You can’t, if all you see is negative, and all you do is put yourself down.

So HOW do you get to this point, you might ask? It takes a complete mental shift, and like anything, it takes time and patience – and PRACTICE. Whenever you find yourself going down that road of scrutinizing where you stand in this moment, think about how for you’ve come! I’m a HUGE proponent of taking progress photos. More so than the scale, I think that photos should be the standard by which you truly gauge progress. As they say, pictures never lie – while the scale often does.

So taking the time to review photos from the start of your journey, to your present moment is a GREAT way to truly see things as they are. Going by your measurements, and any positive changes from the start of your journey to the present is another great way to better gauge progress.

And then finally, there’s going off of your clothes, and how they are fitting. Like photos, your clothes can tell you the whole story. If they are getting bigger and bigger on you, despite what the scale says (or even what you think or perceive) your clothes fitting you better, or even not at all as they’re too big now, is proof enough to see that you are changing. For those with lean building goals, seeing your progress in photos is paramount. For you, your clothes will start to feel tighter, and that can play games on some – particularly women. So looking at your overall goal and your progress as time ticks by is EXTREMELY important.

There is one more mental exercise that I like to play with, and encourage clients to do as well. Imagine for a second that you are face to face with your former self… The person who began the process of change.

The one who decided that she/he wanted to look and feel better physically and mentally.

The one who decided that fitness, and a better physical appearance, is going to be their main priority.

What would that person say to your present self? If that person saw her own reflection in you, a changed and improved you, would she be positive or negative towards you? Would she put you down for your current state? What words would she use to help keep you on the straight and narrow? Would you be proud to stand before her and present her with what her hard work has done/will do for her? And finally… How would all of this make HER feel?

Assuming that you have had some great progress, that you stayed on the path, that you hit your workouts as hard as you can, and that you kept compliant on your diet focusing on that 90/10 rule theory, don’t you think she’d be proud? And I bet, that would make YOU feel really great, and motivated to continue on the path you started. So you see, it’s all a matter of perception. It’s all about how you choose to see things.

This journey DOES NOT have to be one filled with impending doom and gloom. And yes, we all have those ups and downs! We all hit plateaus and mini-stalls that can indeed throw us off our game. But even in those times, it’s important to keep positive and keep pushing so that you may continue to see your goals become YOUR reality.

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