Roxie Killing The Game at 9 Weeks Out (Video)

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Got a FANTASTICALLY motivating video to share with you guys today. As you may know, I’m smack dead in the middle of my own prep, which hasn’t been without its ups and downs, but I am happy to share that we are certainly in the midst of a HUGE upswing.

With just under 9 weeks out, I am so incredibly on track to presenting the absolute best physique I have EVER on stage. And that’s a beautiful thing to acknowledge and realize. Of course, none of this is possible without the work – day in and day out.

If I can be a true beacon of motivation and more for all of you… Then so be it. My goal is to continue to always lead by example. So check out the video below to follow along with two of my workouts from just over 9 weeks out, a little look into my food prep and favorite new choice for healthy fats, and my thoughts as I swing into my next shows: the IFBB Greater Gulf States and San Jose Pro.

I’ll share another post later this week with the details on my programming, progress photo comparisons, full meal plan, and more.

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