(Video) The Truth Behind a NO CARDIO Contest Prep – What You Should Know…

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Ok y’all, we need to “tawk”… We need ta TALK!

Look, you know me…

I’ve never been the type of person to sugar coat things, neither can I sacrifice my integrity nor professional ethics to appease clients or anyone else. And so on that note, there has been something on my mind.

I’ve been really closely observing the shift in the look of the women’s divisions across the board within the NPC and IFBB. And truth be told… It’s getting harder out there – leaner and more conditioning (WITH muscle).

And to be honest, that’s a challenging look to achieve for ANYONE. And as it should be! Bodybuilding as a hobby and “sport” in and of itself isn’t easy, nor is it for everyone. 

I always say, everybody wants to play in the NBA – but not everyone is Kobe Bryant!

So in that respect, I’m seeing folks on social media posting stuff like, “OOOH NO CARDIO! I eat 31289479366 calories a day, and 31384739471364748g of carbs, AND I eat burgers and pizza whenever I want – and I’m RIPPED!”.

And I cannot HELP but to be major side eyed… MAJOR SIDE EYED.

Why you ask…?

Well because there’s something not being said in all of this and it bothers the BEJESUS OUT OF ME.

Not everyone can do that. Point blank. Not everyone can follow that kind of plan and be ripped to the gods and contest ready.

And the sad part about all of this is that, I KNOW folks like you are sitting there wondering what’s wrong with YOU?! Why can’t YOU do that?!

So you try it, and it doesn’t work, and you’re discouraged and feel like you’ll never get there, accomplish your goals, or worse, that there is indeed something wrong with your body that you cannot eat ALL THE THINGS, and do no cardio, and see real results.

So in that vein… Let’s discuss.


The TRUTH Behind a No Cardio Contest Prep (and General Fat Loss)

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