No Compliance No Results: What’s Hindering Progress

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I know there are a lot of cliche’s out there about ” fail to plan, plan to fail” , “you vs. you” , “knowing is half the battle” and more.


I only wish there were ways for people to come to their own conclusions about where they stand. Not everyone is an expert I get that, but can we mentally know where we fall short or better yet can we act on where we fall short?


We may not be experts, but having an idea of what is standing between you and your goal is better than doing the same thing over and over expecting different results (the definition of insanity). Here are some possible situations that you may or may not be aware of to consider:


Taking in too few calories (macronutrients/micronutrients)

This is huge, nutritionally you may be in compliance but what if you are putting out more energy than you are taking in. Calories are a measure unit of energy hence you can burn it or add it etc etc…


If you are doing extreme amounts of exercises too your body without properly refueling (eating more) than you are doing yourself a disservice. Establish what you what, how long you want to do it for, what results are you expecting and so on because that in turn will make or break your plan!


Having a non-existent nutrition plan or plan not in line with your goals

If you are eating the same as you were before then chances are it may not work with the current plan you are on. Do the research , do the math figure out how much calories (proteins, carbohydrates, and fats) you need for your day to day activities.


Sure we wanna be lazy and assume that it will balance itself out but no that is not the case. We have to be proactive in obtaining the results otherwise you will be stuck in the same place you always been. You know the person who looks the same and comes to the gym day in and day out? Yea we don’t want to be him or her.


Amount/Type/Regimen of Exercises are not in line with what you are trying to achieve

Understand the process and what your goal is. Exercise is structured in a sense well should be and it requires a bit of thinking so you don’t get in a routine phase. You want to allow your body for rest and a bit of intensity at different levels what ever is required.


Just take a peek at your regiment, put it down on paper even but make sure you know what your doing and why you are doing it. In my mind and opinion these are some of the top reasons, I would put effort in there as well just because we want things to be easy.


We want things to be quick and not necessarily do much for it but this is one of those situations where it will need to be a bit of attention to detail, I encourage you to look at all the above and figure out how you can be better! The key is to improve and push forward, learn from our mistakes! Stay focused and stay driven you got this!

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