No Muss, No Fuss: How To Balance A Healthy Lifestyle On Vacation!

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I am sure that many folks may disagree and feel that vacations are considered “off limits” and to enjoy it you shouldn’t have to worry about what you are eating or if you are doing certain activities however who is to say that you cant have everything?


“Everything” means enjoying yourself, your family and friends, the good life and what you saved up to enjoy while having some of your favorite foods, participating in activities as well as maintaining your current physique, body etc…


There are so many times where I hear folks and women we are highly guilty of this and that is after we come back from vacation we become obsessed with how we “overindulged”, how much weight we gained after the fact and how we are going to do hours of cardio to lose it.


Why is it a vacation at all if you come back with regret to doing what you felt was part of the enjoyment? I want to give you guys some insight/tips on how to just be and maintain what you have worked hard for, now do we think of all this when we vacation? No! But its never too late to start!



Vacation¬†Healthy¬†Lifestyle Tip 1: “Stay Active”

When I say active I mean, things like hiking, swimming, running around are all good forms of activity. Notice I didn’t say weight room or ZUMBA class unless you really WANT to do it but it is not necessary. We all do these things without realizing it but make sure you pick the ones that you enjoy!


Make sure to take in some good scenery atop of a mountain you just climbed or do some kayaking in the ocean, its part of the experience depending on where you travel. Most places a lot of the tours are on foot, so really its apart of what you have been doing the whole time, I am just reminding you!


“Indulge in doses” Now we all love trying new foods, I get that. Its about taking these things in doses, adding little pieces to your meal just to have the good balance of ingredients. If you have breakfast, maybe have some fruit to the mix or eat some of your lunch and take the rest to go.


A lot of the eating isn’t until we are full but more just till we mentally are satisfied, which doesn’t always work out for us. If you have a huge dinner then skip desert one night or maybe have a few pieces of chocolate to fulfill the sweet tooth. Its all about taking in the experience but not going overboard, you would be surprised more and more how much you notice your body saying ” hey that’s enough” and you stopping which again is nothing wrong with this at all? Its all about great habits!



Vacation¬†Healthy¬†Lifestyle Tip 2:¬†“Keep the stress level down”

Vacations can turn stressful especially if things go wrong or you want to see sights that are unavailable. It is a place you have never been (majority of the time) which means that trying to find directions, potentially getting lost as well as trying to plan excursions and so much more. The stress of vacation should not be higher than it was before you went on the vacation, so RELAX! Get a massage, go to the spa, chill in the Jacuzzi but find your balance.



Vacation Healthy Lifestyle Tip 3:¬†“No regrets”

Lastly no regrets on this trip, as long as you were able to truly get what you needed out of the vacation which was a little rest and relaxation then no regrets. It is about a good balance of all of the above which means it should be more talk about how much fun you had verses how much weight you have put on.


This means you missed the entire point of the trip and need to rethink the thought process in the near future! Its all about a great balance of enjoyment but also if you are in prep for a competition or just trying to keep your self in decent shape without losing strength etc… This is a great start to enjoy your vacation without falling off the wagon! ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†



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