Oppositional Reach Ab Crunch – Exercise Demo

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The Oppositional Reach Ab Crunch is a great exercise to directly target the abs! Not only are you getting the upper fibers of your rectus abdominals (6 pack muscles), but you’re also kicking in the lower abs as well!



Oppositional Reach Ab Crunch


Primary Muscles Targeted



1. Start laying down on the floor, on your back. Take your arms by your side, and your feet hip width apart.


2. Raise up into a crunch, thinking about keeping the shoulders off of the floor – and activating the abs.


3. Lift one leg in the air as high as you comfortably can. As you do this, reach the opposite hand over in efforts to touch your toes (or ankles if you lack the flexibility).


4. Return to the starting position, and repeat for the number of reps on your plan.




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