Figure Competitor Peak Week Wrap Up: Amy Wins Overall!

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Ok so I should definitely apologize for the late entry on this one. I all actuality things have been VERY busy over here at Team RoxStar headquarters! Not only did we have Amy finishing up her peak and getting ready to step on stage, but we had 3 girls running peak week tests for their shows (all going up this weekend now – May 30th), and then my own peak week plans being drafted for MY SHOW (May 30th as well)! Nonetheless, RoxStars never skip a beat! So let’s get back to Amy! Last I followed up, she was right around her carb up.


And as I told you guys, carbing up is a pretty simple process for us. I’m the type of coach that doesn’t like to do too much. I don’t like pushing the envelope so much that we put a client in a position of either spilling over and looking too full and watery, or drying them out so much they are flat or stringy. We’ve already spent the week before the show running a mock peak week. So by the time the real deal rolls around, we know the game plan. It then becomes a matter of minor tweaks and having her eat and train based on how she’s looking. Right before carbing up this is where she started.


amy carb up morning


Now, as a coach, to me she looks fantastic. She’s a little depleted, and that’s expected. Her workouts up to this point have focused on that exact goal. We wanted to create a physical environment where her body was like a sponge – ready to absorb the carbs awaiting her, and ready to fill out, getting tighter and tighter each day. I had already had her plan all set, and this is what it looked like for the carb up:


1627 Calories, 148g Protein, 197g Carbs, 26g Fat

M1: 50g Oats, 5 Egg Whites, 1 Serving of fruit (totaling about 15g of carbs for the serving)

M2: 95g Ex. Lean Ground Beef, 140g Brown Rice, 1 Cup Asparagus (we replace all veggies with asparagus for the final week as it acts as a natural diuretic)

M3: 90g Chicken Breast, 120g Brown Rice, 3 Fish Oil Caps

M4: 90g Chicken Breast, 200g Yams, 1 Cup Asparagus

M5: 90g Tilapia, 90g White Rice, 1 Cup Asparagus  


Now, as far as food choices go, I had decided to keep things pretty clean and easy for her in the final week. The leaner meats are there to keep fats low and allocate as much as we can for carbs. I kept the beef in there as a fattier meat and to just help keep her a little fuller – and keep fats up just a tiny bit. The next call to action after her carb up was to simply lower carbs once again as we sailed into the show. Let any spillage that may have occurred to clean up, and to then sort of lightly fat load into the show to keep the muscle bellies nice and full – yet not have to worry about the excess water that can come in with relying on carbs to continue the job. Essentially, we carb loaded and then finished off Thurs and Friday on a fat load.


As she sent photos in on Thursday and Friday, I simply had her eat extras beyond what her base plan had for her lowered carb days. I always have clients send me photos several times throughout the day for his very reason. To watch closely and adjust by what we see. By Saturday, here’s what she looked like (final right pic was actually the night before after just being sprayed, other pics was after rinsing before her touch up in the AM of the show).



2015-05-27 22.15.58 

When I saw this, I knew she was 100% ready to rock. All that was left to do was simply adjust meals throughout the day and let her have fun! Since the show was in Michigan, and I was home in Los Angeles, it was a waiting game for me to hear back on how things were going for her.

Well I’m happy to report….



Words couldn’t express how happy and proud I was of her because she truly worked hard. And the best moment for me was when she sent me this email in the aftermath.   PhotoGrid_1432625139664


That is exactly WHY I do what I do. To have been able to bring this amazing athlete to a look far beyond what she’s brought to the stage to date, and to see her enthusiasm and pride, that’s why. So next up, Jr. Nationals in about 2.5 weeks from this post! I’ll follow up with how things are going for her. Our goal right now is an even tighter package, particularly in the legs. So it’s back to the grind. I also have a few other girls going up this weekend who are in peak (as I mentioned above). Here’s a pic of them all looking sharp and standing front. 2 girls going into Jr. USA, and one in the NPC Mile High (where I’ll be doing the pro show). All of us RoxStars just rockin it out!!  




Stay tuned, the team is just getting warmed up this season!  




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