Physical Strength is in the Eye of the Beholder!

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After being involved in weight training seriously for a bit over 2 years now I learned a few things about the way people think verses how they act to include myself personally.


I originally begin thinking that the more heavy weights you lift the better you were at actually weight lifting itself. It is somewhat true to an extent but does it really define the progression that is made?


Can you measure all of this just on weight alone? To a degree yes, but still it is a lot of factors that play into what we like to identify as being strong physically or having strength period. This is especially important for women! Is it really bad to be able to increase in strength? To possibly be stronger than a male? How about just being stronger than when you started?


Depends on who you ask! I want to go a bit in to some perspectives because sometimes we get the wrong idea about what is good and what is not so “good” when it comes to discussions about strength especially in women.


A majority of times in a gym you hear and see a lot of the people grunting, groaning and banging some heavy weights. Sometimes its good for the individuals performing the exercises/routines and sometimes its just their ego possibly encouraging them to not look weak.


Now if we keep thinking that we don’t want to be weak, why would we not want to do things the right way? Who knows? The situation varies from person to person but what needs to be understood is that form is most important especially when it comes to safety and making sure the muscle being worked on is the muscle being worked on.


Is it possible to get results regardless? Absolutely! It is all a matter of perspective and how you approach it but it needs to be done safely.


Perform Exercises As Safe As Possible!

Safety begins with making sure that your physical form is correct. A lot of this will require some research on your part to include: Practice, Hiring a trainer, Watching You Tube Videos or whatever your learning style is. I believe as adults we don’t know everything but when we approach something new then we feel like asking is wrong. In this case injury needs to be avoided so it is essential that you learn yourself of weight lifting. Do your homework and be like a “sponge” when it comes to learning so you can know and understand the difference.


Set a Goal in Your Sights!

Pick a method/goal to follow in regards to what you are trying to achieve. If you want to be able to lift x amount of lbs in 6 months than work towards that slowly and safely. If your plan is to have larger shoulders or stronger legs than establish guidelines for this particular ordeal. Goals tend to make people more driven to finish strong or at least work hard towards progressing further than they were for the beginning. This needs research as well, there are plenty of programs out there to delve into and try. We’ve got some GREAT resources here on this site for you to explore.


Accept your differences in physical strength as an Individual!

You are an individual and what one person is capable of doing is not always what you may or may not be able to do. The experiences are different as well as levels of capability. The comparisons aren’t helpful because we are all very different but it doesn’t mean we cant strive to be like others or be a bit better. Set your goals to exceed not just meet the minimum. At all costs do the best you can, accept the obstacles for what they are and keep your eyes forward. I notice a lot of people that record their goal or make a vision board tend to be successful. If you can see it then you can achieve it!


So what does the overall intent of the blog really mean? The intent is to say we can try to measure all we want our own physical strength and compare to others who can lift more. The big picture is we are different in our own ways and the idea of being strong can vary from person to person. Physical Strength is just as important as you make it!





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