12 Weeks to Lean: Your Ultimate Total Transformation Training and Nutrition System


Ready to take your training and nutrition to the next level with me over the next 12 Weeks? Get started on the plan that is REVOLUTIONIZING how women just like you are approaching their meal plan and training program – and seeing amazing results.

Note: This is a 154 page program set up as a step by step eCourse. This means you need to do a little tweaking to set things up and individualize it for your needs.

Please click here to view the eBook’s Table of Contents

In addition to the ebook you have access to exclusive tools, calculators, coaching videos, coaching audios, and our Facebook Group and Group Coaching Calls for full support.


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Finally It's YOUR Turn!

Drop the Frustration, End the Confusion, So You Can Start Losing Fat by Eating More, Training Smarter, and Doing Less Cardio...

All While Loving How Your Body Transforms in Just 12 Weeks

Here's The Thing...

Achieving your fat loss goal does not have to be hardIt does not have to feel like you have to uncover some kind of secrets of rocket science.

Achieving your fat loss goal should be something that motivates youempowers you, educates you on exactly what it is that you SPECIFICALLY need to get results, and even more importantly…

Achieving your fat loss goal should be done in a way that allows you to establish a mindset and a lifestyle, week after week through a specifically designed program, that gives you all the tools you need to be able to KEEP THE FAT OFF in the long-term.

Here’s the thing… 

No one is taking the time to ensure that not only are you given the training and the diet to see your fat loss goals become your reality…

But also giving you the tried and true, clear-cut, results driven and real world tested methods to figuring out:

  • Exactly how much you should be eating,
  • Allowing you to enjoy the foods you love all while getting leaner,
  • And train in a way that is smart, enjoyable, and puts your health and sanity front and center.

So now, you get to finally transform your body like never before, and just simply love what you see every single time you look in the mirror.

No one is truly teaching you this! 

100% Done-For-You Training and Nutrition Program

What I’ve done with 12 Weeks to Lean is take the results driven system that I have developed over the years, and tweaked to perfection to a point where my clients are seeing results left and right.

Competitor or not, my training system has allowed them to:

  • Train in a way to get results without spending hours upon hours in the gym.
  • Enjoy the foods they love with flexibility and variety – so they never get bored and can stick to their plans without drama! This only led to even further fat loss and quicker success.
  • Blast off of that dreaded plateau and unlock the secrets to their personal fat loss success formula.
  • Have them looking lean and strong, and feeling confident because their athletic bodies match the amount of effort and time they are putting into the gym.

And now your turn! Your turn to:

  • Gain confidence knowing that you’re no longer wasting time doing things that simply don’t lead to results.
  • To learn love where you are right now in your fat loss journey, all while being inspired along the way to your new self and even more positive change.
  • Feel empowered because you are raising the bar in the gym, breaking past limits, and reaching levels of fitness you have only dreamed of.
  • Train in a way at keeps you inspired and motivated day in and day out.
  • Get off that plateau and finally unlock your very own personal fat loss success formula.
  • Love the feeling of turning heads in every room you enter because everyone can see that you put the time, effort, and investment into looking and feeling like an athlete – and it shows!

Here's What's Included in this eCourse

12 Weeks to Lean is a 100% digital product, and you’ll have instant access to all of the contents. NO SHIPPING, NO WAITING, NO HASSLEDownload the program and begin right away!
  • This is a full eCOURSE! It is NOT just an ebook.
  • It will require you to come with an open mind to increase your knowledge around training and nutrition.
  • You’ll be guided step by step on how to create your own personalized macros and calories setup.
  • Everything is spelled out for you BUT this eCourse is geared towards those who are more advanced and want to LEARN how to get and keep results.

A PDF eBook that can be read from any eReader program, and any device. 150 Pages jam packed with my best advice from nearly 20 years of working with clients of all backgrounds, who have seen amazing fat loss results – all laid out for you in an easy to follow format.

A fully designed 12 Week training program focused on getting you to your goals in the quickest and most effective way possible, based upon the latest results driven and evidence based science.

heart pounding, fat incinerating, 5 day training split put together to emphasize weight training as the main driving factor behind your fat loss, cutting cardio in half, and only doing the best kind to see the most results.

Advanced training techniques like supersets, giant sets, drop sets, pyramids, myo-reps, FST 7, 5×5, tabatas, metabolic conditioning, and more, all put together in a way to keep you motivated and focused through your workouts, and take your training to a whole other level – and like never before.

Completely spelled out balanced meal plans designed specifically for fat loss, ranging between 1500 to 2000 calories per day, with a 2 day meal plan set up for both training and non-training days, moderate, high, and low carb plans fit for any specific needs or goals, and enough food in each meal so you can EAT and still get lean – even while enjoying your favorite foods.

Step by step, guided instructions on how to add variety to your meal plan to avoid boredom, and allowing for cheat meals and small treats throughout the week.

All the advice I can give you to help to you to finally see your fat loss goal become your reality through my step by step methods for creating client plans. 

It’s almost like having me there, looking over your shoulder, guiding straight to the path of your success with a fully designed training program – from my hands to yours.

Confused about how many calories, protein, carbs, and fat you should be eating per day to realize your fat loss goals? Not anymore! 

My exclusive calculator will do all the math and take out all of the guesswork when it comes to what you need to be eating every day to cut body fat while keeping your hard earned lean muscle.

You’ll stop starving yourself and start EATING to be lean, strong, and to have your dream physique.

In 12 Weeks to Lean, I teach you how to determine what the best macronutrient set up is based on your body type. 

Now you can match up your diet to exactly what the most effective structure is for your body’s needs – leading you straight to achieving your fat loss goals.

Whether you are training at home, or you just want something new to mix things up, my exercise exchange list is the perfect companion to our 12 Weeks to Lean Program. 

With over 200 exercises, you can provide enough variety to the plan to keep your mind in the game, yet still stick to the main protocol and principles of our progressive and periodized approach to training.

I am a MAJOR advocate of flexible dieting as a part of the fat loss process

I’ve put together this exclusive food exchange list to help you to do the math to be able to swap foods out as you wish – whenever you wish.

I stand by my programming because your success IS my success. I want nothing more than to see every person who follows my program to see REAL results.

And I’m giving you the tools to get that done – and make it happen.

But I understand that sometimes, things don’t always work for everyone.

So I am going to give you a guarantee…

If you FULLY PARTICIPATE in the program for a CONSECUTIVE 30 DAYS upon FIRST PURCHASING THE PROGRAM – and don’t see progress (this includes ALL of the following: weight loss, clothes fitting different, measurements going down, and photo comparison) then I will offer you a refund.

In order to be eligible for a refund, you MUST have completed all of the following:

  • Must follow all the steps of the program within the first 30 days
  • Must provide tracking of all food for first 30 days.
  • Must submit updates within your progress tracker each week within the first 30 days.
  • Must attend weekly group call (4 calls) within the first 30 days.
  • Must not have seen ANY progress in either measurements OR weight. Meaning you’ve followed the program as written and nothing happened.

Any program is only as good as much as you apply the information, and COMPLY with the process.

And in order to assess whether it works for you, we have to track, monitor and assist you along the way. Should you do everything I am asking you to do, and giving your all, and it’s STILL not working, then you can request a refund once you’ve completed 30 days.

Again you MUST fully participate in the program, and show us proof that you gave it everything you’ve got.