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At Home Band and Dumbbell Workouts Bundle

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Working out at home doesn’t have to mean your workout has to suck.

Let me take you on a head to toe challenge, right in the comfort of your own home.

Program Stats:

  • Designed to be done home – without a need for the gym.
  • Intended for intermediate to advanced trainees.
  • Training Bundle Includes 8 Fully Designed Training Programs
    • 2 Total Body Strength Workouts
    • 2 Total Body Metabolic Workouts
    • 2 Lower Body Strength Workouts
    • 2 Upper Body Strength Workouts
    • All reps, sets, tempo and rest periods are all spelled out. Along with any additional training notes I want you to keep in mind.

For these workouts, you’ll only need resistance bands, dumbbells, and your own bodyweight.

Some additional equipment like barbells and a bench may be included, but you can always swap those out with another exercise. These are used sparingly.

All exercises are linked to a video tutorial.

FULL DISCLOSURE: The video tutorials are all via the Bodybuilding.com database. They have an excellent resource of professionally shot and narrated videos. I love this source and find it better than recording my own.




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