Body Like Bey 30 Day Rapid Weight Loss Transformation Challenge



Picture this…

One day I realized something about myself… I’d been slacking. I gained weight and felt SUPER uncomfortable in my own skin. My clothes didn’t fit, and I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired!

Something had to give, so I decided… It was time to take charge of my life, and grab the bull by the horns. And just like everyone at the beginning of a new journey… I had a goal to get back into my best shape!

Can you relate?

I don’t know about you, there have been too many times where I’ve faced a real struggle when it came to my training and diet.

I had REALLY fallen out of my groove looking over the last year and where I’d been in the past. No matter what I did, I just felt like I suddenly couldn’t light that fire to get back to my “normal.”

I felt demotivated to train. Demotivated to stay on track with my diet. And needless to say, my body changed.

And it’s weird because it wasn’t so much that I GAINED a ton of weight.


I gained body fat and lost some muscle. Compositionally, my body has shifted in a way that doesn’t always have me feeling comfortable in my own skin.

So I decided that THIS was going to be the year that I took back my fitness life!

That I get on track with my workouts and my eating.

And that I’ll get BACK to the Roxie I’ve been for years and years. Dedicated to my fitness goals and this LIFESTYLE, 100%.

Now, I can only imagine that if I, as a fitness professional who has been doing this for over 24 years, feel like this…

Then I know my Roxstars who are out there following me and being inspired by me might feel that way too.

I started to craft a program that would get me going, and get me focused on the road ahead.

My goal was to lose some fat, get stronger, build muscle, and take my life back.

But I want to do it the fun way, in a healthy NON-OBSESSIVE WAY, and in a way that I’ll look forward to day after day.

And I want to invite you to join me in this transformation.


What Is The Body Like Bey 30-Day Challenge?

Who doesn’t know Beyonce Knowles?

Whether you like music or not, we can probably agree that the woman is a force to reckon with.

Well, one day, I had come across an article that talked about her preparation for her iconic performance Homecoming at Coachella 2018. Beyonce is known for being one of the hardest-working women in the business. And she took on this project after having given birth to her twins.

In a documentary that later was released about her prep for this show, Beyonce revealed how insecure she felt in her own body. And in some ways, how she kind of doubted her ability to pull it off. But being the woman she is, she put that ethic to work, and vowed to come back stronger than ever.

Part of Beyonce’s prep for this show included absolutely grueling and challenging workouts designed by her personal trainer.

These sessions not only transformed her body, but helped her to build her stamina, drop fat, tone up, and empower her confidence once again as she saw her body reshaping before her eyes.

Being The Fitness Professional I Am, I Was INSPIRED By Her Story – And Scoured The Internet For Her Training Program

Her story had me like a moth to a flame.

Attracted to the hero’s journey and her success story. Something I know that so many can relate to.

So I set out to learn exactly what her trainer did to bring about such success in the gym. And what  I found was something ALMOST IDENTICAL to my approach to program design.

And the type of training that has gotten hundreds of clients over the years to get amazing results.

So I had no other choice than to use this approach as an inspiration for my newest training program. And that is how Body Like Bey 30-Day Challenge came about.

If you relate to any of this, then you OWE IT to yourself to get started in my 30-day fitness challenge!

Look, if you’re JUMPING out of your skin because you can relate to any of this. There IS one thing I need to share with you when it comes to your goals.

And this one thing can determine whether you’ll be successful or not.

Because Body Like Bey isn’t JUST  a workout program.

It’s a challenging workout, yes. But it is also a revamped approach to your nutrition and an approach to goal setting that will get you to the CORE of who you are – and who you want to become.

But get this… This is why it matters:

Here Is The SCARY TRUTH About Goals When It Comes To Weight Loss… They FAIL!

So here’s the thing I want you to keep in mind. Most people start off a new training program with good intentions, especially if those goals are set in the new year. But, I have some really abysmal numbers that you should keep in mind.

  • Statistics show that 50% of people quit New Year’s Resolutions by the end of January
  • And the rest end up quitting by the end of February.
  • Our goal is to tie you over in the MOST crucial time of the year if you plan to stay on your fitness journey long-term.

The focus of this challenge is to get you inspired to get off your butt and train!

To clean up your diet, hold you accountable, build your confidence, and have fun in this process of reaching your goals in a supportive environment.

This Self-Paced 30-Day Challenge Is PERFECT For You If…

  • You’ve already made the decision that the time is NOW to transform your body like never before.
  • You’ve got 10 or more pounds to lose and you are DETERMINED to drop it in the smartest way possible.
  • You’re ready to FULLY COMMIT to your goals – and not give up on yourself half-way through.
  • You NEED a system of support and a group of others on the same road as you to cheer you along.
  • You ABSOLUTELY NEED accountability to stay on track and to keep you from falling off the wagon.


Here’s Exactly How Body Like Bey Is Set Up – And Will MELT FAT While BUILDING MUSCLE:

Sculpt Your Body Tone Every Muscle And Magically Melt Away Fat Like A Superstar With My Body Like Bey 30 Day Cardio and Strength Training Program ($197 Value)

Once again, I created this workout inspired by none other than the “Queen Bey” herself. Everyone has heard about the amazing transformation she went through for her “Homecoming” concert at Coachella back in 2018.

Beyonce went from popping out babies to getting into the best shape of her life to get on stage.

And it wasn’t an easy process!

I was FASCINATED by this story because I knew of her trainer, and he is no joke when it comes to evidence-supported, results-based workouts (very much like me).

So I researched EXACTLY what they did to achieve her amazing transformation, and I put together a workout plan inspired by their work. And that’s how my Body Like Bey Training Program was born.

The program contains:

  • A FULLY DESIGNED weight training-based workout program that can be done at the gym OR at home!
  • 4 days of strength training and cardio workouts (ALL SPELLED OUT), 2 optional days of cardio or active rest. (4 to 6 day flexible training split)
  • Daily workout log to help you to stay focused in the gym or at home.
    • The workouts have exercise video tutorials to help you understand each move.
    • Can be done at the gym OR at home (at how swaps are already included).


10x Your Nutrition And Get Massive Results With Intermittent Fasting ($97 Value)

One of the best ways to boost your metabolism and incinerate fat is through intermittent fasting.

You’ll have full access to my Intermittent Fasting 101 workshop that will walk you step by step through the process of finding the perfect eating window for your goals and lifestyle.

The great thing about this masterclass is that you can pair it with any diet or approach to eating to help you to change your body.

So it’s great no matter what your nutrition needs.


In 2022 Let’s Reintroduce You To The World As The EMPOWERED Woman You Were Meant To Be With My Life-Shifting Redefining You Journal Prompts ($47 Value)

Every year, people from around the globe vow to make massive changes in their lives. From losing weight, to gaining control of their finances and personal lives. You name it, folks are resolving to be better.

One of the most incredible parts of embarking on a fitness journey is the ability for you to use it as a springboard to fully transform YOU – from inside out.

As women, we spend so much of our time striving for things.

Education. Career. Family roles.

Everything we associate with self is often tied to a title.

Let me ask you this question… When was the last time you asked yourself “what do you want to be?”. In childhood, we often spend days upon days imagining our lives as adults. Many of us are lucky enough to see those dreams become our reality.

But often what also happens is that the roles and titles we’ve acquired begin to take over and define who we are. And we lose sense of the woman we are at the core.

What happens when you lose those titles?

I’ll tell you from personal experience… You lose your sense of who you are – and your purpose.

Redefining & Rediscovering You is all about creating your narrative as the woman you are TODAY.

Identify your core adjectives that are the essence of your being, what people experience in your physique presence and the energy you exude from within.

It’s a beautiful self-exploration journaling intensive designed to build your confidence, walk with your head high, and truly tap into the feminine core that is longing for your nurturing.


BONUS: Stay On Track And Get Assistance With Our Weekly Live Group Coaching Sessions & Daily Motivational Challenges

Look, I already know…

You’re not going to be able to do this alone and have success. If that were true, you would have BEEN crushed this resolution last year. Or the year before, or the year before THAT.

Accountability is the missing link for so many folks on a body transformation program. So I want to equip you with what you need to be SUCCESSFUL each and every week.

Join us every week to chat, have fun, get support and discuss your goals during our weekly Group Coaching Calls.

You’ll join in a PRIVATE conversation with a group of our Roxtars who are just like you. Working towards a common goal of self-improvement.

You’ll also have access to fun nutrition, mindset, and exercise challenges to complete to keep your head in the game and raise the bar in your workouts, and more.

Access Our Discord Server For Ongoing Mentorship, Guidance, And Supportive Community

I want to give you everything you need to be a SUCCESS this year.

And one of the BEST ways to establish that is by having a true community of support around you at all times.

Our Discord server is an extension of my coaching services, and is a place where you can come to have fun, enjoy the transformation process, stay inspired on your journey, and to truly connect with women just like you from around the globe.

You’ll have continued access throughout the program, available to you 24 hour a day, and easily at your fingertips via the Discord App and website.

This workshop alone has a $341 value! But you can access this and my ENTIRE self-paced coaching vault for just $47!

$341 Value


Let’s Make This YOUR MONTH – The 30 Days That Will Transform Your Body, And Change Your Life Forever In The Process!

Let’s wrap this up by me saying…

30 days from now, you can be in either one of two places.

Completely transformed physically, mentally BACK on track, empowered that you’ve accomplished your goal, feeling strong and proud that you’ve been able to step outside of your comfort zone.


You could be exactly stuck in the same place you are right now.

Thankfully it doesn’t have to be that way!

So let’s go ahead and get you started on the path to that NEW YOU in just 30-days, today.


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