Custom Designed Flexible Dieting Meal Plan Coaching

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Need to have a personalized meal plan designed for your goals, lifestyle, and individual needs?

This is the perfect start for you!

  • 1 complimentary coaching 30-minute coaching call to discuss your needs, goals, and concerns – BEFORE your diet is created.
  • Custom-tailored done-for-you meal plan FROM SCRATCH based on your likes, dislikes, sensitivities, and allergies.
  • Special considerations for vegan, vegetarian, keto, paleo and carb cycling are available.
  • Unlimited Access to our exclusive food substitution calculator to easily swap out your food items and add variety to your plan.
  • Private access to your meal plan and full support 24 hours per day.
  • Monthly additional complimentary coaching calls after you receive your plan to ask questions and make sure you understand how to best follow it for results.

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Turn Your Diet Struggles Into An EMPOWERING System Of Eating That Transform Your Body And Enhances Your Entire Life

How many times have you said this to yourself, “I’ll start again on Monday”?


I ate too many of these ” fill in the blank “, so I’ll starve myself the rest of the day so I don’t get fat.


I’m barely eating anything, I’m working out like crazy, yet I’m STILL not seeing any results.


I can’t seem to gain any weight or put on any muscle despite eating A TON OF FOOD. Nothing I do seems to be working.

Look, my friend, nutrition is a science.

But I’m here to tell you that it’s not rocket science, and it’s not something most people can figure out alone.

There’s a reason why folks like me exist.

Professional trainers, coaches, and nutritionists who have DEDICATED our lives and passion for helping others to learn how to MASTER nutrition programming.

The fitness magazines and influencers want you to believe it’s as easy as calories in and calories out.

But there is SO much to creating the PERFECT meal plan for your specific needs and goals!

And it’s OK if you feel like you need to reach out for some help, and get a custom-designed meal plan created with YOUR individual needs in mind.

Your DIET Will Determine The Future Of Your Fitness Goals And How Your Body Ultimately Looks!

Why choose to stay in the dark and struggle alone?

Trying the same approach over and over again, and still not seeing the results you want.

Let’s drop the guesswork, and get you onto a proven solution for ALL your dietary needs through a custom meal plan AND life-changing dietary coaching.

You deserve to feel:

  • Empowered
  • Confident
  • Motivated
  • Satiated
  • And LOVING The Way You Look!

This can only be attained when you are in COMPLETE control of your nutrition and don’t have to worry about what to eat to maintain perfect health while ENJOYING (and including) the foods you love.

Sounds Impossible? No Way! Here's How We'll Put It All Together!

This isn’t just “get a meal plan” and be on your way.


Instead, what I’m offering is to create a CUSTOM DESIGNED meal plan from the ground up, using the foods you love and crave, and put together in a way that will get you TREMENDOUS results.

Your meal plan is based on science and rooted in results-driven evidence of what simply works – and can transform your body like never before.

In addition to the meal plan, you’ll also get HANDS-ON COACHING month-to-month.

This will allow you to feel confident in implementing your new plan and acquire the skills and mindset it will take to change your body and approach to nutrition FOR LIFE.

But It Doesn't Just Stop There... Here's What Else You Get Once You Start On The Path To Empowering Your Nutrition With Us

Click Each Section To Explore The Benefits Of Our Nutrition Coaching & Custom Meal Plan Program

No more guessing and wondering HOW MUCH you should eat, what to eat, and when!

We’re going to do ALL of the work, and all of the science-backed and results-focused calorie and macronutrient calculations to craft YOUR perfect meal plan.

This is the missing element in your equation that is a secret so many of us nutrition professionals know and understand.

We’ll break the code and give you the DIRECT roadmap to your success – by way of a fully designed easy-to-follow meal plan.

Your meal plan will include ONLY the foods you love!

So we consider special needs, restrictions, and preferences.

And YES!

We can even work with you if you are vegan or vegetarian (or anything in between).

Before we even begin working on your program you’ll sit down with Roxie to understand exactly what your needs are.

We’ll identify your current goals, what your biggest struggles are when it comes to nutrition, and what you feel the ideal setup would be for you.

This is a 30-minute call and is the crucial first step in designing your personalized meal plan.

After your plan is sent to you, you’ll once again sit down with your coach to go over it and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

This ensures that your meal plan is put together EXACTLY to your personal specifications and that you have in your hands a road map that will unlock your body’s magic code for success via nutrition.

Success in your meal planning won’t happen overnight.

It will take time and consistent practice for you to see the changes you want, and to continue to tweak your diet as your body changes.

You’ll have access to our special dashboard for all Custom Meal Plan Roxstars.

On that dashboard, you’ll see amazing tools like our Flexible Dieting Meal Substitution Calculator. This amazing tool allows you to swap ALL the foods on your plan with ANYTHING your heart desires!

Now you get to the ultimate freedom to add variety to your plan while staying completely on track.

As your body adjusts to the program, you will need some minor tweaks to avoid plateaus. The meal plan upgrades are the perfect tool to combat that, and keep you moving towards your ideal body.

They say that no man is an island. And I firmly apply this to ALL of my coaching programs.

I want to see you SUCCEED at this!

And so, every single Roxstar who gets a custom meal plan also has unlimited access to our weekly group coaching calls.

These calls are the backbone of our community of women and men from around the world all working towards a common goal.

Results, RIGHT NOW! And the skills to keep them for life.

You’ll have access to our weekly schedule where you can pop onto a group call whenever it is convenient for you.

Get support, ask questions, get answers, BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE, and know that you are not alone on this journey. We’ve all got your back.

Get 24/7 Support With Ai Coach Roxie

We’re dedicated to offering the most superior support we can give our Roxstars to help them succeed at their goals.

Whether you have questions about training or nutrition, or need a boost of motivation or accountability on the go, Ai Coach Roxie is there to help you!

  • 24/7 Support: Day or night, wherever you are, Ai Coach Roxie is at your service, ensuring you never face a challenge alone.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from Roxie’s extensive knowledge and over 27 years of hands-on experience as a personal trainer and mentor, tailored specifically to your needs.
  • Instant Answers: Have burning questions about training or nutrition? Get instant access to expert advice and solutions at your fingertips.
  • Motivation on Demand: Need a boost of inspiration or a gentle nudge towards your goals? Ai Coach Roxie delivers personalized motivation to keep you on track, anytime, anywhere.
  • Accountability Made Easy: Stay accountable and committed to your goals with seamless accountability features, ensuring you stay focused and driven towards success.

Experience the power of Ai Coach Roxie and unlock the support you deserve to conquer your fitness aspirations like never before!

Part of your success is rooted in gaining SKILLS.

Skills to not only eat better and smarter, but how to translate all of this into your every day life.

This bonus eCourse available EXCLUSIVELY for my coaching clients is going to be the perfect first step in that journey for you.

Don’t you think it’s time that you unlock your ability to have your cake… AND EAT IT TOO! And for real this time.

I want to teach you a skill that the fitness industry has led you to believe impossible…

How to eat out at ANY restaurant and enjoy cheat meals – without blowing your diet, and while still seeing progress.

The full course consists of 3 parts.

  • Listen to some brief thoughts and principles I want you to apply in Lesson 1’s coaching audio.
  • Watch the in-depth step-by-step process that will give you the tools to have dietary freedom in Lesson 2’s detailed video.
  • Share your work and get some deeper help in Lesson 3’s accountability check-in.

You’ll have access to this eCourse for the 90 days of the meal planning access. You can extend your availability to the course with each purchase of a meal plan upgrade!

Our second bonus eCourse is specifically designed for those of you who may TRAVEL often – and your nutrition always gets thrown off track.

In this coaching module, we’re exploring how to successfully travel with your food and still be able to stay on plan. I’ll be giving you my top tips to unlock exactly HOW you’ll pack, what to bring, and more – all while never falling off your plan. And best yet, keeping it SUPER simple in the process. We will also explore what to do with your meal planning during holidays and vacations.

Lessons to complete this module include:

  • 1 20 minute video (podcast download available)
  • Downloadable PDF traveling guide checklist.
  • 1 4 minute coaching session podcast exploring getting over negative self-talk.

Unlock the secret to success when it comes to how HUNDREDS of other Roxstars have been able to stay on their plan despite busy travel schedules, work commitments, holidays, road trips, and more!

If you’re looking to do a contest prep, but you’ve already got your training together, and you only need assistance with your diet, you can use this coaching level to assist you in getting to the stage.

Prepare for Success with Contest Prep Meal Planning Coaching!

  • Customized Meal Plan: Receive a fully designed meal plan tailored to your specific needs and preferences, eliminating guesswork and allowing you to focus entirely on refining your physique for competition.
  • Streamlined Preparation: Say goodbye to the hassle of calorie counting and macro tracking. With our guidance, you can dedicate your energy to perfecting your prep without the stress of meal calculations.
  • Effortless Peak Week: Cruise through peak week with ease as we assist you in fine-tuning your diet to showcase your peak condition. Trust us to optimize your nutrition regimen for optimal performance on stage.
  • Post-Show Support: Transition smoothly post-competition with a reverse diet plan designed to gradually increase your caloric intake, ensuring a healthy transition back to regular eating habits.
  • Weekly Updates: Benefit from weekly evaluations and adjustments to your meal plan, providing you with hands-on support and continuous refinement throughout your prep journey.

Elevate your contest prep experience with our meal planning coaching and seize your moment in the spotlight with confidence and precision!

My Friend, This Is The OPPORTUNITY You've Been Waiting For. Let THIS Be The Year You Finally Start To Unlock Your Body's Secret Code To Eating In A Way That Will Transform Your Entire Life

Can you think of any reason why you shouldn’t invest in yourself and ENSURE your body transformation success by getting your nutrition fully on track?

Well, this is YOUR MOMENT.

And it’s time for you to take action.

Hit that button below to get yourself signed up TODAY!

The results see and the REAL confidence you’ll gain in yourself will be worth many times the price.

By tomorrow, you could be on the path to a whole new you! One who no longer stresses over food, and enjoys their fitness journey like as a normal part of their everyday life.

Let’s get you started!

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