Fit Fine Feminine Healthy Eating Grocery List Bundle


Eating healthy, losing weight, maintaining progress, and changing your body for life starts at the grocery store.

Let’s give you the tools to shop smarter, eat better, and master the secrets to your ultimate health – by way of your grocery shopping list.


Let’s face it… Your diet is your fat burner. Your diet is your muscle builder. Your diet is the key to your health.

And the foundation of a great diet and meal planning begins at the grocery store.

If you’re like most adults today, knowing what to stock your fridge and pantry with to stay healthy can be a bit tricky.

Raise your hand if you have a little too much processed foods, snacks, and other goodies that taste great – but aren’t great for your waistline.

No worries! I gotchu – let’s fix it with my exclusive Clean Eating Grocery Shopping List Bundle!

Who Is This Bundle For?

  • Anyone who is ready to embark on a truly healthy eating diet and wants real results.
  • You’re looking for ways to get started if you’re brand new to the “fitness life”.
  • You’re someone who’s been working out for a long time, but you want to simplify and streamline your shopping experience.
  • You need guidance and structure to be able to reach your goals.
  • You want a better and smarter way to approach your grocery shopping that’s super healthy and won’t break the bank.

What You Get With This Bundle

  • Beautifully designed healthy eating grocery store list
  • Bonus: What Are You Really Eating? How To Read The Nutrition Facts Food Label
  • Bonus: Cut Your Grocery Bill In Half With These 4 Strategies
  • Bonus: 7 Tips To Help You Cut Down On Impulsive Grocery Store Purchases

Beautifully Designed Healthy Eating Grocery Store List

  • Beautifully designed healthy eating grocery store list containing over 100 food items to help you to stick to your diet.
  • 3 page PDF download.
  • Check off depleted items as you run out, then easily replenish when you shop next time.
  • Never forget the important stuff! This is comprehensive and includes everything you can think of to include on a well-rounded nutrition program.
  • Special Vegan and Vegetarian food items! Plant-based needs are covered, including links to example items for newbies just getting into this way of life.
  • Make your shopping trips FASTER AND EASIER! Simply print out your grocery list and bring it with you to the store. Spend less time in the aisles being tempted by foods you KNOW shouldn’t be in your kitchen.

Bonus#1: What Are You Really Eating? How To Read The Nutrition Facts Food Label

Let’s face it, reading a nutrition label is the first step to not only understanding your body’s needs but to make sure that you are getting the calories and nutrients to keep it going healthily each and every day.

Your ability to succeed when it comes to ANY body transformation goal is to understand the science of nutrition. And in particular, how to read (and fully understand) what’s on a food label.

  • 3 page PDF download.
  • Easy to understand breakdown of each line of a nutrition label.
  • Designed to help set you up for success, take control of your diet, and understand what you’re putting into your body.

Bonus #2: Cut Your Grocery Bill In Half With These 4 Strategies

Inflation these days has food prices going OUT OF CONTROL, am I right?

No matter how much money you make, everyone could benefit from learning how to shop smarter.

ESPECIALLY if you believe that eating healthy costs MORE than eating not so well (in truth – it doesn’t).

This in-depth report will spell out exactly how to shop better and smarter, all while keeping both your waistline AND wallet slim.

  • 5 page PDF download.
  • Spells out a strategy to help you to shop smarter and better.
  • Learn how to get into a healthier way of eating without breaking the bank.

Bonus #3: 7 Tips To Help You Cut Down On Impulsive Grocery Store Purchases

Oh, the grocery store…

Did you know that grocery stores are set up and designed to make you buy things you simply don’t need?

Yep, that’s right! They design the actual store to appeal to your inability to resist impulsive purchases.

It’s the main reason why fitness professionals and nutritionists warn clients to NEVER shop while hungry. Your cart will be full, your wallet a little more empty, and your waistline – bloated!

We need to arm you with the SECRETS to smart shopping – and avoiding impulsive purchases that might well be stopping you from seeing progress in the gym.

This report will deliver on that and have you feeling confident and focus the next time you hit up the grocery store.

  • 5 page PDF download.
  • Learn the EXACT strategy you need to put in place to arm yourself against impulsive shopping that is ruining your progress.
  • Feel confident in sticking to your grocery list every time you enter the store.
  • Stay focused on your goals to impact and have long-term change.

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