Meal Planning Magic 101: Self-Paced Nutrition eCourse + Bonus Meal Plans


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My friend, let me tell you… It’s SCIENCE! Not Rocket Science!

So you know what that means?

You can DO THIS!

You can LEARN THIS, and you can start to have complete control of your diet, your meal planning, and how that impacts your results – “All Science, NO B.S.”

This Meal Planning eCourse Is Absolutely PERFECT For You If...

  • You are a man or woman who wants to take control of your nutrition by learning how to create meal plans specific to your needs and goals.
  • You’re serious about reaching your goals, whether it’s fat loss or lean building – and you intend to keep those results for life.
  • You’re good at tracking macros, and prefer discipline and order when it comes to your nutrition.
  • If you feel frustrated that your nutrition is keeping you stuck.
  • You desperately need a fully spelled out plan to break past plateaus.
  • You thrive on discipline and accountability.
  • You want to take out the guesswork and get onto a plan that simply works.
  • You’re curious about how the science behind nutrition and meal planning ACTUALLY works.
  • You crave to learn how to create meal plans – just like any professional nutritionist or trainer would for their very own clients.

Free Yourself And Take Control Of Your Results By Learning How To Create The PERFECT Meal Plan For Your Body & Goals

Here’s the truth… Your diet is the driving factor behind ALL change.

You can do ALL the training in the world you want. However, if your diet isn’t in order,  you’ll never see the changes you’re working so incredibly hard for.

I have an important adage I want you to make your mantra for life – should you enroll in my course:

You must EAT to be lean. EAT to be strong. EAT to have the body of your dreams. Food is your greatest ally, it is not your worst enemy.

With this in mind, you go into your approach to nutrition from a position of strength and confidence. You move out of the restrictive mindset and dieting mentality that the fitness industry has pushed on you.

Here’s the truth…


For decades, the fitness and diet industry has kept you in the dark about what it takes to truly change your body – and change it for life.

Instead of giving you the facts about what gets results, the industry pushes diet fads, gimmicks, teas, shakes, and pills onto you.

I mean, think of it. Why would a multi-billion dollar industry that makes money off of your naivete want to you TRULY know what it takes to create meal plans yourself?

For you to gain your independence from their lies, puts them in the position to lose money.

It’s time you break FREE of this prison!

And you start to take action to unlock the superpower of meal planning based on science, rooted in evidence, and proven to get you real results.

Here's What You Stand To Gain When You Enroll - And Why YOU NEED This Course...

My friend, what if you had someone actually sit and TEACH YOU how to put together an effective meal plan based on FLEXIBLE DIETING and designed exactly for what YOUR BODY needs and the results you want to see?

How much would you knock your progress out of the park, and actually see your body starting to respond again if you knew exactly how many calories to eat, and how many macros per day (WITHOUT CUTTING OUT ENTIRE FOOD GROUPS) to get to your goal.

And to it without starving yourself or feeling like you’re on a plan that you simply cannot sustain in the long term?

Well – don’t you think it’s time to get UNSTUCK, and finally, learn how to do all of this – and more… ALL SCIENCE NO BS?

Here’s what you can expect by enrolling in this exclusive course:

  • Finally, learn what YOUR body specifically needs to develop into the fittest version of your life.
  • Unlock the secret to knowing exactly how many calories you need to eat per day to satisfy your fitness goals.
  • Uncover what exactly are proteins, carbs, and fats and how they work together when it comes to results-based meal planning.
  • Discover your specific body type, and then unlock the perfect macro setup to get results like never before.
  • Walk step-by-step through an easy-to-grasp approach to create a fully designed meal plan based on your favorite foods, preferences, and caloric needs.
  • Master the technique of flexible dieting so you can enjoy the foods you crave while changing your body.
  • Never neglect your social life again as you learn how to eat out at ANY restaurant all while staying fully on your meal plan.
  • Learn how to travel with food for vacation, work, and holidays without stress and a game plan for success.
  • Stop starving yourself by learning how to use food as the driving factor behind ALL your physical needs and long-lasting results.
  • Gain the confidence you need to take control of your nutrition, and never have to rely on another coach or trainer to create rigid meal plans that you can’t stick to over the long term.
  • Learn to love food again, and follow a way of eating that becomes a way of life for your fitness journey.

Take A Tour Of Meal Planning Magic 101 By Exploring Each Of The Lessons Below

The entire experience is conveniently available 24/7 online via our easy-to-navigate eCourse system. You’ll have FOREVER ACCESS to the entire program from start to finish! Go at your own pace to make sure you grasp all of the concepts and refer back to it as much as you like.

Need help or support? No problem! You can get that at any time via our private Discord server.

Before we get into ANY of the stuff that goes into HOW to create your meal plan, we need to make sure you’re mentally coming from a good place

So I’m going to open up our Day 1 webinar with a few words of wisdom to get you OUT of your own way and change your narrative around food.

I am going to help you to see food as fuel, and nourishment. And hopefully allow you to let go of your fear of carbs, fats, eating too much, and generally unhealthy ways of approaching nutrition.

I’ll give you some of the tools you need to start to apply TODAY to be able to clear your mind, trust the process, and learn to use biofeedback as the driving factor behind how you change and tweak your diet for your goals – and lifestyle.

Ever wonder exactly how many calories per day you should be eating to get to your goal?

Concerned that you may not be eating ENOUGH in order to see your body reach its fullest potential?

Don’t worry, A LOT of folks have that same question. And in this portion of our presentation, I am going to teach you SUPER EASY CALORIC MATH to figure out exactly how much you need to eat per day. And it’s all based on your metabolism!

We’ll cover how to do this both for fat loss and lean muscle building phases!

Once you get your perfect caloric level, we’ll be ready to move on and discuss how to divvy them up between your macros.

What are macronutrients exactly?

I mean, sure, you’ve heard of proteins, carbs, and fats before. But how EXACTLY do they work in the body, and what role do they each play in creating the perfect diet for your goals?

In this lesson, I want to dig further into some of these questions.

And give you a simple breakdown to understand how much each of these you need to be eating for YOUR body type and the results you want.

Finding macros is what trips a lot of folks up. And I want to pull back the curtain and give you a crystal clear way of easily finding your macros.

One of my favorite ways to teach clients how to find macros is by way of body type.

I want to show you step by step how to use this technique as your baseline to get the perfect amount of carbs, protein, and fat on your plan.

I’ve got some specific ways for you to also use this method alongside your current weight to ensure you are FEEDING your body lean, and getting in the nutrients you need to reach your goal without starving yourself.

This is where the real magic happens.

Once we’ve figured out your perfect numbers – both calories and macros – it’s time to step it up and get your meal plan designed.

During this part of our workshop, I’m going to teach you how to use tools already accessible to you can be used to create a meal plan that is easy to follow. In addition to that, I am going to assure you about how flexible dieting and adding variety is the ABSOLUTELY ONLY WAY you should ever think about dieting.

We’re going to tack what’s the best way to set up your plan meal by meal, and ensure you are fueling your body for success with your goals.

Now that you have your meal plan all spelled out, we might want to consider what holes we need to plug in – micronutrient-wise.

Because so much of our food no longer is as vitamin-rich as years in the past, it might be a good idea for you to include a few supplements by way of vitamins and minerals.

In this video, I want to go over what I think everyone who is really concerned with making sure they are getting the MOST out of their diet should know.

We’ll discuss some basic vitamins and supplements you should include in your diet for optimal hormonal health and overall wellness.

Now that I’ve given you the foundation to SUCCESSFULLY create a meal plan from the ground up – on your own, and just like a pro.

The final part of the equation is teaching you dietary freedom.

Because here’s the thing… Your diet should fit into your lifestyle. And you should follow the principles of flexible dieting to keep variety in your plan. This also solidifies habits and behaviors in dieting that can be maintained (REALISTICALLY) over a lifetime.

So let’s finish off this workshop by adding dietary variety to your plan for your ultimate success.

Not only do I want to provide you with ALL the tools and lessons you need to learn how to finally master creating your own flexible dieting meal plans from the ground up, but I also want to throw in a few extras that I know will REALLY make this your one-stop shop for all your nutrition needs.

Check out the cool bonuses you’ll unlock when you get started in my exclusive eCourse.

Get Your EXACT Post Workout Macros & Calories All Spelled Out

Our post-workout nutrition calculator is an excellent tool for you to use to figure out exactly what you should be consuming post-workout in order to maximize progress – and truly enhance your results.

The post-workout window is a CRUCIAL time when your body is soaking up nutrients at double speed. Knowing exactly how to fuel it can mean the difference between hitting results or smashing into plateaus.

The calculations for protein and carbohydrates in the calculator itself are based on the extensive ground-breaking research done by exercise science experts and nutrition masters, Alan Aragon and Brad Schoenfeld.

I designed this calculator to help you to unlock the exact nutrients you need to include in your post-workout meal, without the guesswork.

Let’s face it, even after you’ve learned how to do this meal planning thing all by yourself, sometimes you just want something to follow without thinking. Especially if you’re in a rush and need something close enough to your body’s needs.

No problem! I’ve got you covered.

Download any one of our sample meal plans focused on helping you to reach your goals, and to show you what a balanced meal planning setup should look like.

Choose between 1500-2200 calorie meal plans that you can tweak to your liking, needs, palate, and goals.

This masterclass is going to focus on giving you ALL of the tools you need to be able to eat out at any restaurant you want – anywhere in the world – and not blow your diet.

Here’s the thing, in order to maintain results, you have to always keep a REALISTIC approach to what things and experiences you’re going to run into in the real world. And let’s be honest, there’s no way in Hell that you’re going to avoid restaurants for the rest of your life – and for the sake of your goals.

Instead, the most intelligent thing we can do is give you the tools you need to be able to follow your plan, or maintain all changes, and be able to enjoy the world around you – and all the food in it.

Trying to stick to your diet while on the road or during holidays is an incredibly hard feat!

But I’m happy to share that it’s not at all impossible to not blow your progress to smithereens.

As someone with a TON of first-hand experience traveling with food and needing to maintain my shape, I want to tell you that it IS possible to do this all super successfully.

Let’s take a moment to talk strategy, what you need to plan ahead, and the step-by-step system you can put in place that’s not only easy but totally foolproof.

My Approach To Meal Planning Has Transformed HUNDREDS Of Men And Women Just Like You... Don't You Think It's Now YOUR Turn To Get Results?

My approach to nutrition has a proven track record of success.

I’ve helped both men and women from around the globe to get into the best shape of their lives.

I’ve also helped amateur and professional level bodybuilding competitors to get leaner and stronger NATURALLY – using a solid foundation of nutrition as their secret gamechanger.

Above are just a small handful of the bodies and lives I’ve changed. Click the button below to see even more.

But here’s what’s next…

It’s time to get you unstuck, and on the long road to body transformation success rooted in your mastery in the kitchen.

Let’s get you started right now.

Learn ALL The Tools You Need To Create YOUR Perfect Meal Plan Risk Free With My Money Back Guarantee

Look, I stand by everything I put out. My eCourses are a labor of love, and I pour my heart and my soul into the content I provide.

My MAIN goal is to teach you everything I know, to give you the ability to “FISH FOR LIFE”, and more importantly to impact your life forever.

I am SO confident in this eCourse and what you’ll get out of it that I am willing to put myself on the line and offer you a 7-Day money back guarantee.

If you are unhappy with the course, and don’t feel it will help you to create a fully designed meal plan for your goals, you can get your money back no questions asked.

Sign Up Now! Let's Start Your New Approach To Meal Planning Together - And Give You The Power To Change Your Body Eating EVERYTHING YOU LOVE

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