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Trim 21 Rapid Fat Loss Transformation Program


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Are You Ready to Incinerate Fat, Tone Up & Get FAST Fat Loss Results - in Just 21 Days?

If you are ready to get on a¬†DIRECT path to your goals, with an easy to follow training and nutrition program geared to push you, challenge you,¬†fire blast calories, tone up lean muscle, and¬†burn stubborn fat like never before…¬†

Then I have the perfect solution for you!

Tiffany M. Got Back Into A Bikini Again

We came to Cancun for my husband’s bday. Today I felt like this was my figure competition that i was supposed to do next month before the broken bones.

I haven’t worn a bikini since last year for my wedding.

I felt so self conscious before coming here like I’m sure a lot of women do. Then you go to a resort with non gym goers, “normal people” and actually get complimented on your physique.

Goes to¬†show that in the normal world, you’re probably at least top 5…lol…despite going through a building phase, this is the most confident and proud I’ve ever felt about my body!!!

It’s people like Roxie that give “normal” women like me the guidance to achieve their dream physique but most importantly…self confidence!¬†#ilovemybody

Chantal Sees Some Fantastic FAT LOSS!

I’ve lost only 3 lbs since beginning the program,¬†but lost over 10 inches, most notably 4 inches from my lower abdomen! YAASSS!

Roxie this program is simply amazing. I’m so happy that I’ve found you! I’m going to definitely do another round again to see even MORE results.

Antoinnette Drops Inches (Even While on Vacation) and Loves It!

My measurements went down EVEN MORE during the last week and I wasn’t expecting that – measured 3 times just to be sure. LOL! I went on vacation WHILE on this program – and it was so easy to follow that I didn’t even go off plan that much. And even still – I stayed on track and continued to see results. I really love this program – thank you Roxie!

Day 1 vs. Day 21

Weight: 123.4 / 121.8

Bust: 30 / 28.5

Waist: 26.5 / 25

Naval: 28 / 26.5

Butt: 40 / 38.5

Why You NEED This Program If Rapid Fat Loss Is Your Goal...

Ready To Rock Your Fitness World? Whether You’re A Gym Junkie, Home Workout Hero, Or Somewhere In Between, It’s Time To Level Up!

Get Ready To Blast Fat, Sculpt Those Abs, And Maintain That Lean Muscle Like A Boss With Our 21-Day Fat Loss Boost. Let’s Crush Those Goals Together!

Let me ask you this…

How LONG have you been¬†spinning your wheels¬†trying and failing at losing that stubborn fat¬†that just won’t seem to go away?

How many times have you started on a program, only to give up because it just wasn’t working fast enough for you?

How much longer are you willing to allow yourself to be frustrated, disappointed, and discouraged because you don’t know what to do to get results, you’ve tried everything (so you think), and nothing seems to be working?

How good would it feel to you to just be able to slip into those jeans that once fit, but now you have to put on lying down (and they barely even button – if at all)?

When are you going to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, and get on an easy to follow plan that can help to TRULY jump start your fat loss – and keeping you motivated and inspired along the way?

Raise Your Hand If You Know This Is You...

  • You’ve been trying and failing at KEEPING off the same few pounds for a few years.
  • You’re feeling absolutely STUCK right now because all the training in the world isn’t working anymore.
  • You’re exhausting yourself doing a ton of cardio, and wondering why in the world you’re still on that frustrating plateau.
  • You’re almost at the point right now where¬†you’re barely eating enough, and you suspect¬†your metabolism has slowed.
  • You’ve been¬†restricting almost everything out of your diet¬†because you’ve been told you can’t eat almost anything you love and still see results.
  • You’re¬†not at all happy with what you see in the mirror, and you’re at a point where you almost feel like giving up.
  • You’ve tried so many different programs and wasted so much money, you’re really afraid if anything is actually going to work.
  • You didn’t get the kind of support you feel like you needed from other programs, and you are skeptical that anything less than full on coaching can be hands-on.
  • You really REALLY just want to see some results. You’re not looking for a miracle, just realistic changes so you can feel inspired.
  • You have an event or special occasion coming up, and you want to drop a little weight, maybe fit a little better into that outfit you have in mind to wear.
  • You want to be able to get some real help, some real answers, without necessarily breaking the bank.
  • You want to be a part of a community of women¬†who are super supportive and motivating while you work to change your body.
  • You’re 100% absolutely DONE with staying the same. Being in this body you’re not proud of. And you are ready to dedicate the time, effort, and even the money to get unstuck – and get REAL results.

Are you FINALLY ready to take the next steps in your training and nutrition, and dedicate yourself to JUST 21 DAYS and see how much your body will change when you commit, focus, and put in the REAL work?

If you answered YES to that last question, I am HERE TO HELP YOU!

I work with clients just like you on a daily basis! 

And many of my clients are looking to see REAL results, and love to see things moving along right away! So I take the time to design fat loss programs that help them to get the absolute maximum results in as little time as we can – within the first few weeks of working with me.

Check this out…

What's The Program Set Up - And HOW Will You Get FAST Results? Check Out This Detailed Walkthrough

INSTANT ACCESS to this 50 page eBook with your fully designed training schedule, workouts, and IIFYM carb cycle nutrition guideline.

A FULLY DESIGNED 6 day training program schedule that can be modified to fit your availability and lifestyle. Cardio and Weights spelled out Рso you can go on autopilot & follow the plan.

21 Day Fat Shredding Solution IIFYM Flexible Dieting Plan which is a completely customizable approach to your nutrition, giving you the EXACT calories and macros perfect for your body and goals. All you need to do is track your food РI show you how!

A CARB CYCLE meal planning set up that includes high fat/low carb days, 2 high carb days, a guideline about how to add weekly cheat meals, & a complete list of a variety of food choices to have on your plan Рat will! Including choices for vegans & vegetarians.

7 HEART POUNDING, muscle toning, lean building, calorie torching fully designed workout programs with EVERYTHING spelled out. All the exercises, reps, tempo, sets, and rest periods put together in a way to get MAXIMUM results in MINIMAL time.

Enrich your knowledge around nutrition with 2 exclusive meal planning eCourses.¬†We’ll show you exactly how to set up your diet & how to enjoy freedom on your plan – while getting results. You have access to two amazing quick on-demand video eCourses.

Amazing support in our Group Coaching Phone Calls!

Never feel alone in this process again! Your success is a breeze when you have a community behind you. Touch base with Roxie weekly in our group coaching check-in phone calls.

Take A Sneak Peek Into The Program Intro & Table Of Contents



Q: Do I need to belong to a gym to complete this program?

A:¬†NO absolutely not! I designed the program with the gym “in mind”, but I know everyone’s training situation is different.¬†

And that’s exactly why overall the plan can be done from either the gym, or the comfort of your own home (with just minimal equipment).¬†

I’ve created variations of the gym-based workouts for you to be able to complete at home as you need to –¬†yet still hit the body in the same way as the plan is designed. So this gives you the ultimate freedom, and confidence to be able to complete the program successfully, no matter where you workout!

Q: I'm a beginner, is this program ok for me to do?

A: In general, I created this program for women who know their way around the gym. So I am expecting you to have at least 1 to 2 years of experience in the gym. And you are very confident in knowing your way around or performing basic moves.

Q: How many days do I need to workout? How long are the workouts?

A: So we are trying to IDEALLY get in there as often as we can, murder the workouts, and get the best bang out of our time over the 21 days planned out.

However, not everyone can hit 6 days, and that is OKAY!

In the eBook, I tell you that if you need to adjust things to fit your schedule – you can do so. Just make sure to hit all the workouts as planned about once a week (some workouts you will repeat twice in the week – doing it just once is fine).

As long as you work your diet, and when you are in the gym you give it your all – you should be fine.

As far as workout duration, on average it will take about 60-90 mins TOPS to complete them. It all depends on how long you take to complete the sets, how long you rest, etc.

Q: Are there video tutorials with this program?

A: Each of the exercises that you see on the program is linked to a video tutorial.

Over the last few years, I’ve gathered a pretty extensive private collection of videos from all over the web that I’ve kept for reference for clients. These videos instruct how to perform each move very much like how I like to instruct my own clients in the gym.

I firmly believe in using available resources where appropriate to save time ‚Äď if it ain‚Äôt broke, don‚Äôt fix it.

Thus, most of the videos are NOT of me ‚Äď and I did not record these videos. But each one is RoxStar approved. And each shows you how to properly execute all the moves on the program.

ow long you take to complete the sets, how long you rest, etc.

Q: What if I have questions about the diet or training?

A:¬†We have a revolutionary and WONDERFUL tool to help you 24/7 by way of our Ai Coach Roxie “Success Coach” – the ultimate wingwoman in your TRIM 21 program, available round-the-clock to cater to your every fitness whim.

Picture this: It’s 2 AM, and you’re craving guidance on your diet or itching to know the best workout moves for those killer abs.

Who do you turn to? That’s right ‚Äď AI Coach Roxie!

She’s like having me, your trusty fitness guru, right there in your pocket, ready to dish out advice and motivation whenever you need it most.

Whether you’re seeking nutritional tips, need to personalize any of the training routines, or just a good ol’ pep talk to keep you going, AI Coach Roxie has got your back. She’s not just a coach; she’s your cheerleader, your motivator, your trainer, and your friend ‚Äď all rolled into one dynamic virtual package.

Getting started is a piece of cake! Simply head over to the Ask Coach Roxie webpage, punch in your name and email, and voil√† ‚Äď you’re all set to dive into a world of fitness wisdom and support. Got a burning question about macros?

Need a swift kick in the butt to crush that workout? Just type away, and AI Coach Roxie will be there in a flash, ready to steer you in the right direction.

With AI Coach Roxie by your side, the sky’s the limit ‚Äď let’s make those dreams a reality, one rep at a time!

Q: What is the diet plan like? Is it easy to follow, and what if I have special considerations?

A:¬†The way I’ve set things up is totally easy to follow, and allows for a ton of variety.

I decided to give you more of an If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) approach with this nutrition plan. That means the nutrition is based on macros and calories – you then need to track your foods and create your meal plan (I show you how!).

I give you the EXACT easy to do formula to first find your calories, and then I have divided the rest of the set up based on caloric ranges.

So let’s say you calculate your daily fat loss calories to be 1720 cals per day. You would then go to the IIFYM set up range for 1700-1899 calories per day, and follow the macros I set for that range.

You can use something like My Fitness Pal to simply track your foods – eating whatever you wish. Your only goal is to meet your daily calories first, and then a close ballpark range with the macros.

For maximum variety and special considerations, I have included a list of some example food items that you can choose from to make the plan as varied as you want, and to fit YOUR palate.

The nutrition approach is also set up as a carb cycle, which is one of the most effective ways to drop fat fast!

Q: Can I do this program for longer than 21 days?

A: Absolutely, in the book, I tell you exactly what you can do next once you finish the program.

This includes suggestions about how to do a quick deload, and then jump in for another round, and even a special invitation to try one of my other amazing training and nutrition programs perfect as a follow up to this one.

Q: Will I REALLY see changes in 21 days? Doesn't it take longer than that to change the body?

A: Honestly, this all entirely depends on YOU.¬†If you are consistent with the program if you REALLY AND TRULY apply yourself…¬†

If you follow the meal plan set up to the letter. If you are patient and do everything you can to put your all into the workouts… You should see some positive changes.

Now, I’m not promising that you will lose a TON of weight!

In fact, fat loss hardly happens that way.  

Oftentimes the scale will change minimally, but your measurements will come down dramatically, your clothes fit you better, you start looking more toned and defined Рand others notice all of this as well.  

That’s because for many of you, you might be seeing that you are putting on (and for more advanced folks – KEEPING) lean muscle, all while losing fat at the same time.

And it’s that very reason why I have encouraged you in the book to consistently take measurements and pictures to truly monitor the changes you may see – vs relying on the scale.¬†

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