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I’ve got a GREAT question the other day on our member forum. She had heard about the supplement Garcinia Cambogia and wanted to know if it was worth taking. Now, I’m not big on supplementation for most people, I do think that one should try to keep things as simple as possible. However, I can agree that if you need a little boost past a fat loss plateau, employing a little supplemental help may be beneficial, and a topic you need to research and explore.

So here’s the recent question that came up which I felt may benefit some of you:

Q – “So lately I have really just been down about how my body is SLOWLY toning up. I mean for the most part I think my body would be 1000 times better if I just didn’t have a gut. Everyone keeps talking about Garcinia Cambogia and keep telling me I should try it BUT is that considered cheating? Is it just another supplement that I can add to my plan?”


So you know what they say, slow progress is better than no progress! And in fact, slow progress is usually what’s lasting progress. So definitely stay focused and hang in there, because soon enough you’ll be at your goal. The days will tick by, can’t stop time, so if you remain steadfast, you’ll see that body come right along with each passing day!

Now as for the supplement – no it’s not cheating at all. Supplements are SUPPLEMENTAL to an already sound plan. So if you feel like you’ve been at the game for a while (which you have) and need a little boost for the metabolism, then CYCLING a supplement can help. Now I emphasize cycling because many people stay on supplements way too long. Particularly in the case of fat burners. If you stay on a fat loss supplement for about 6 weeks, take a 4-6 week break after and assess where you are and your next moves. Some people cycle 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off, that’s another smart approach. But realize at some point you DO indeed have to come off and stop them completely. So don’t use them as a crutch, keep them as a clutch (accessory)… Lol see what I did there… Hehe. I digress.

I haven’t had much  experience with gardinia, but there is an informative article on Bodybuilding.com that you may want to check out.


Early studies have shown it to be ineffective in humans, however later research has shown it wasn’t dosed high enough. Once the proper dosage was reached, some pretty substantial results were also seen. So do your research to see if it is in fact something you’d want to include. They give recommendations on how to take it, follow it so you stay within what the science says behind it.

You can also look into other thermogenics as a TEMPORARY solution. Things like Green Tea Extract (taking 1000-3000mg a day in pill form w/ 100-200mg of Caffeine, and 500g L-Tyrosine) is a FANTASTIC stack. You can also through some synephrine in there which is a similar stimulant to ephedrine with far less sides. A company called Scivation/Primaforce has a product called Syneburn which I like. Throw that in the stack above for a really awesome 1, 2, punch.

Now again, these are NOT required, but they do help. And if you are looking for that little boost give it a try, however be responsible and come off of them to give your body a break.

Always play smart, and most importantly, do your research!

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